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Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Church in Africa proclaims the truth:"abortion and contraception...give rise to a libertine culture of promiscuity...is immoral and sinful..."

Delegates from the Nigerian Bishops Conference 

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria distinguishes itself as possibly the African successor to one of Africa's greatest sons: St. Augustine of Hippo. 

African prelates have not been idle, but are working day and night to evangelize Africans, whilst warning Africans not to succumb to the siren call of the decadent "West". It is my earnest prayer that they come in haste to Canada to spread the Gospel! Would that we had shepherds like these!

The following words by the Nigerian Bishops have not been spread far and wide by the Secretariat of State's underlings, the Holy See Press Office and Vatican Radio, because, like their masters in the Secretariat, they either do not wish Catholics to know the Evangelical power of the African bishops, or perhaps some are just too busy as clerical-political careerists to even notice. But there certainly is an ominous silence from the various lackeys who work for the Press Office and Vatican Radio when it comes to spreading the teachings of the Bishops from Africa. Sadly, they, or their hirelings do swing into action when it comes to pandering to pro-abortion academics and journalists.

However, we have this apostolic warning from the Nigerian bishops as to the baneful and evil influence ("neo-colonialism" of the worst kind - to corrupt African souls) of the decadent "West". Thank God, these bishops in no uncertain terms denounce the United Nations, Canada, Britain, the United States and others for their vile promotion of the hateful abomination that is "same-sex marriage": 

Bishops denounce the decadent "West" for perverting the 
Word of God
 and promoting perverted forms of sexuality 

Recently the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria has produced a pastoral Letter: Our Stand on Marriage, Family and Human Society". This extraordinary document should be read, studied and prayed upon by every Catholic. Would that our bishops speak, write with such evangelical truth and clarity!

Truly the Church in Africa lives the words of St. Athanasius: "they have the buildings, we have the Faith". Yes, we have the buildings: whether it be the grotesque, gorging wealth of the Church in Germany (that even invests in pornography), to the cynical cash grab in the Archdiocese of Toronto, known as the "Family of Faith" campaign (in Toronto Catholic Witness circles, as "No Family, No Faith, NO Money!"). 

Here is an earlier sampling from these Apostles from Africa: 

From the Nigerian bishops in 2012: 

We denounce the relentless efforts of many Western nations’ development programmes and the United Nations’ agencies to pressurize and manipulate countries in Africa, especially Nigeria, to embrace an anti-life culture and anti-life programmes, namely, artificial family planning, under the guise of population control, eradication of HIV-AIDS, and the promotion of so-called women’s reproductive health rights. Abortion and contraception – which form the basis of this anti-life mentality and aggravate the culture of death, give rise to a libertine culture of promiscuity. As Catholics, we reiterate that the use of contraceptives is immoral and sinful and we recommend only Natural Family Planning, abstinence and self-control.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Why is Vatican Radio promoting a feminist "theologian" who is pro-priestess, pro-abortion, pro-homosexualist, pro-adulterist, pro-contraception...

And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet, who wrought signs before him... (Revelation, 19:20) 

Dissident theologian, Tina Beattie, a guest of Vatican Radio 
The depth of the crisis in the Church can be seen over at Vatican Radio. Vatican Radio today carries an interview with a feminist dissenter, Tina Beattie. Beattie, we are told, promotes an "incisive presence of women in the Catholic Church" (the words of Philipa Hitchen for Vatican Radio, twisting the words of the Pope). Beattie subtly hints at a wish-list of dissent: "he is not going to do it for us" (that is, the Holy Father will not enact the feminist agenda for priestesses etc.). 

However, Beattie ends the interview optimistically, by stating:"...its often said feminism is a western movement. That's absolutely not true, you know, I'm in conversation with  Catholic women all over the world and this is a growing movement in every culture and context..." 

Vox Cantoris has already unmasked the promotion of homosexuality on this website on a number of occasions (being then hastily removed after being exposed). That such open dissent can be publicly promoted on websites controlled by the Secretariat of State confirms to Catholics that there is a highly organized group of dissenters at work right inside the Vatican: moral relativists who are busy promoting a perverted morality, openly promoting heresy and attacking the sacramental economy of the Church. Beattie's dissident opinions may be read here in her own words. An excellent overview of her dissent may be read at Protect the Pope.

How is all this possible? Why were readers not informed of the sinister theology of this woman? Why ask the opinion of a known heretic and dissenter? No mention that she supports abortion, contraception, the ordination of women... 

But then, why would Vatican Radio allow articles in favour of homosexualism, replete with photographs of grave sins being committed? Dear readers, I leave that up to your imaginations. 

Please pray for the Pope, and the Church who are under such diabolical attack. Please pray for the upcoming Synod on the Family. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Why has Fr. John Duffy been suspended by the Archdiocese of Toronto?

Fr. Duffy with parishioners
Photo: Celia Klemenz/Metroland
Why has Fr. John Duffy of the Archdiocese of Toronto been removed from his parish and had his faculties removed by Thomas Cardinal Collins? Why has he been suspended? Given that this has been made public by the Archdiocese of Toronto, these are legitimate questions that must be asked. And, they must be answered.

My understanding is that the removal of the faculties of a priest of 20 years in good standing, a pastor of a parish (Sacred Heart in Uxbridge, Ontario) for some years is extremely strange without us being told why Fr. Duffy was suspended. It is imperative that the Cardinal immediately clarify this situation, as the parishioners of Sacred Heart request. An excellent review of the situation may be read here and here. 

Readers should review the petition and public statement made by Fr. Duffy and draw their own conclusions. 

Interestingly, Fr. Duffy said:

... I will always have the consolation of knowing that I defended Christ's Church, speaking out publicly from this pulpit about corrupt politicians - and, yes, corrupt politicians in the Church who have acquiesced, capitulated and accepted teaching that that will destroy the innocence of our children in our Catholic Schools - and religious - political careerists who, rather than vociferously and courageously lead, remain silent as pre-born children continue to be murdered.

I served Christ first !

As I say farewell, please pray for me, as I will for you, and - yes - I will pray daily for the lay people, priests and bishops that have worked so hard to destroy my good name - and my priesthood. In particular, I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all of those who have faithfully supported me, aware of my situation, over these past years.

I love you all very much! Please continue to keep me in your good prayers - and also pray for our church fathers.

Farewell, my friends !

Monday, 24 August 2015

Canadian Federal Election 2015: Two bishops speak up: "abortion is the preeminent intrinsic evil of our day"

Bishop Vann
Catholics need to realize how serious the upcoming Federal election is in Canada. As pointed out in previous posts, the CCCBs Episcopal Commission on Justice and Peace is a miserable failure when instructing Catholics in the gravity and preeminent evilness of abortion; failing to underscore the moral crisis, the absolute urgency to openly oppose the monstrous evil that plagues Canada, when up to 100,000 unborn children will be butchered per year. This is a scandalous compromise with evil. 
Some babies will be murdered in the particularly hideous sadist torture of "partial-birth" abortion, where the little one will be stabbed through the back of the neck into the  brain. 
Bishop Farrell
Thankfully, the American bishops have produced an excellent Guide on how to vote. We impoverished Catholics in Canada must turn to them for moral guidance. Many documents issued by the Catholic bishops of America are readily available on the internet. One outstanding example is the Joint Statement from their Excellencies, Bishop Kevin Farrell and Bishop Kevin Vann, from the Dioceses of  Dallas and Fort Worth, respectively. Published in 2008, it is as timeless as if it were penned today, for the truth is always timeless. Please pray for these two good shepherds that they may continue to guide their flocks amidst the trials and tribulations of this world. 

I urge all Catholics to study this document and form their consciences accordingly. Please spread this Letter far and wide. Please also encourage Catholics to study the USCCBs superb "Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship". 

Joint Statement
from Bishop Kevin Farrell and
Bishop Kevin Vann
to the Faithful of the Dioceses of Dallas and Fort Worth

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

     ...The Church teaches that all Catholics should participate as "faithful citizens" in the public square, especially through our voice in the voting booth, and that we have the responsibility to treat the decision for whom we will vote for with profound moral seriousness.  We must approach the right and duty to vote with a properly formed and informed conscience in accordance with the teachings of the Church.  Last November, the Bishops of the United States issued a document entitled Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, in which we and our brother Bishops issued clear moral guidelines to aid the faithful in proper formation of conscience with regard to the many issues we face in our nation today.  Through this joint statement to the faithful of Dallas and Fort Worth, we seek to briefly summarize the key points and dispel any confusion or misunderstanding that may be present among you concerning the teaching contained in the document, especially that which may have arisen from recent public misinterpretation concerning this teaching.
1.  Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship clearly teaches that not all issues have the same moral equivalence.  Some issues involve "intrinsic evils"; that is, they can never under any circumstance or condition be morally justified.  Preeminent among these intrinsic evils are legalized abortion, the promotion of same sex unions and "marriages", repression of religious liberty, as well as public policies permitting euthanasia, racial discrimination or destructive human embryonic stem cell research.
Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship clearly states:
"There are some things we must never do, as individuals or as a society, because they are always incompatible with love of God and neighbor. Such actions are so deeply flawed that they are always opposed to the authentic good of persons. These are called ‘intrinsically evil' actions. They must always be rejected and opposed and must never be supported or condoned. A prime example is the intentional taking of innocent human life, as in abortion and euthanasia. In our nation, ‘abortion and euthanasia have become preeminent threats to human dignity because they directly attack life itself, the most fundamental human good and the condition for all others' (Living the Gospel of Life, no. 5). It is a mistake with grave moral consequences to treat the destruction of innocent human life merely as a matter of individual choice. A legal system that violates the basic right to life on the grounds of choice is fundamentally flawed." (22)
2.  The destruction of the most innocent of human life through abortion and embryonic stem cell research not only undercuts the basic human right to life, but it also subverts and distorts the common good.  As Pope John Paul II clearly states:
"Disregard for the right to life, precisely because it leads to the killing of the person whom society exists to serve, is what most directly conflicts with the possibility of achieving the common good... It is impossible to further the common good without acknowledging and defending the right to life, upon which all the other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and from which they develop..." (The Gospel of Life, 72; 101)
3.  Therefore, we cannot make more clear the seriousness of the overriding issue of abortion  while not the"only issue"  it is the defining moral issue, not only today, but of the last 35 years. Since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, more than 48 million innocent lives have been lost. Each year in our nation more than one million lives are lost through legalized abortion. Countless other lives are also lost through embryonic stem cell research. In the coming months our nation will once again elect our political leaders. This electoral cycle affords us an opportunity to promote the culture of life in our nation. As Catholics we are morally obligated to pray, to act, and to vote to abolish the evil of abortion in America, limiting it as much as we can until it is finally abolished.

4.  As Catholics we are faced with a number of issues that are of concern and should be addressed, such as immigration reform, healthcare, the economy and its solvency, care and concern for the poor, and the war on terror.  As Catholics we must be concerned about these issues and work to see that just solutions are brought about.  There are many possible solutions to these issues and there can be reasonable debate among Catholics on how to best approach and solve them. These are matters of "prudential judgment." But let us be clear: issues of prudential judgment are not morally equivalent to issues involving intrinsic evils. No matter how right a given candidate is on any of these issues, it does not outweigh a candidate's unacceptable position in favor of an intrinsic evil such as abortion or the protection of "abortion rights."
As Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship states:
"The direct and intentional destruction of innocent human life from the moment of conception until natural death is always wrong and is not just one issue among many. It must always be opposed." (28)
5.  Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, in paragraphs 34-37, addresses the question of whether it is morally permissible for a Catholic to vote for a candidate who supports an intrinsic evil  even when the voter does not agree with the candidate's position on that evil. The only moral possibilities for a Catholic to be able to vote in good conscience for a candidate who supports this intrinsic evil are the following:
a. If both candidates running for office support abortion or "abortion rights," a Catholic would be forced to then look at the other important issues and through their vote try to limit the evildone; or,
b. If another intrinsic evil outweighs the evil of abortion. While this is sound moral reasoning,there are no "truly grave moral" or "proportionate" reasons, singularly or combined, that could outweigh the millions of innocent human lives that are directly killed by legal abortion each year.
To vote for a candidate who supports the intrinsic evil of abortion or "abortion rights" when there is a morally acceptable alternative would be to cooperate in the evil  and, therefore, morally impermissible.
6. In conclusion, as stated in Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, the decisions we make on these political and moral issues affect not only the general peace and prosperity of society at large, but also may affect each individual's salvation. As Catholics, we must treat our political choices with appropriate moral gravity and in doing so, realize our continuing and unavoidable obligation to be a voice for the voiceless unborn, whose destruction by legal abortion is the preeminent intrinsic evil of our day. With knowledge of the Church's teaching on these grave matters, it is incumbent upon each of us as Catholics to educate ourselves on where the candidates running for office stand on these issues, particularly those involving intrinsic evils. May God bless you.
Faithfully in Christ,
Most Reverend Kevin J. Farrell
Bishop of Dallas
Most Reverend Kevin W. Vann
Bishop of Fort Worth

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Ontario Catholic Teachers Association - OECTA - declares "collective environmental sin" is the "greatest religious issue" of all time!

Who can deny that our age is one marked by a great crisis, which appears above all as a profound "crisis of truth"?
Letter to Families, Pope John Paul II 

The Toronto Secondary Unit (TSU), of the militantly dissident Ontario Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) has proclaimed that "collective environmental sin" is the "greatest religious issue" of all time! Imagine that!

Sin is a personal offense against Almighty God, it is not "collective". 

As to the TSU declaration: NO dear members of OECTA. The greatest religious issue - at least of our time - is, as St. Pope John Paul II identified - a "crisis of truth"- manifested in subjectivism, immantentism and moral relativism. This is turn has led to an unprecedented anarchical and increasingly totalitarian moral crisis: contraception, abortion, divorce, sexual perversion and license. Instead of opposing these evils, OECTA continues to dissent, thereby pouring spiritual poison into young, gullible minds. How perversely evil. 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

"Abortion" and "Foetus": The Episcopal Commission on Peace and Justice Electoral Guide 2015 ~ yes, words DO matter!

A Partial Birth Abortion: 
where the nearly delivered baby is murdered 
by stabbing him or her into the brain 

I have written about the shameful decision of the CCCB's Episcopal Commission to avoid using the word "abortion",  and the use of the word "foetus", rather than "unborn child". This is compromise with evil. 

Abortion: The Catechism of the Catholic Church uses "abortion". If the Guide is referring to abortion, why not use the word? Sins need to be specified and not obfuscated. In fact, a careful reading of the Guide does not tell us why abortion should be opposed (or for that matter suicide and euthanasia, which are mentioned by name); why it is a moral evil, a mortal sin. Given the state of catechesis it cannot be presumed that Catholics are cognizant of abortion as an evil to be opposed as a non-negotiable. To the contrary, the trend over the past decade and more shows an increase in Catholics (including regular Sunday Mass attendees) adhering to a pro-abortion position. The gap with our separated protestant brethren is actually widening. It is the Catholics who are embracing the culture of death more than the protestants. The moral relativist crisis amongst the faithful is actually worsening. 

Foetus: The morality of using "foetus" outside of a medical context is dehumanizing and degrading. It is used habitually and purposely by those who do not want to use "unborn child" or "baby". All the more reason to use "unborn child".  Consider: during partial birth abortion (which is practiced in Canada), the child is delivered free of the mother, but for the head (otherwise it is "legally" considered a homicide). The baby is then murdered by the abortionist stabbing him or her just below the skull at the back of the neck into the brain. Is such a murdered child to be referred to as a "foetus" in a Catholic election guide? 

John Finnis of Oxford University argues it in this manner: 

For about 12 weeks after viability some of these little beings are on the outside being tended by the pediatrician and everyone as babies, and some of them are on the inside still intertwined with their mothers, and being cared for, in some cases, by gynecologists who recognise they have two patients, and in some cases, as the mother decides (in America, or the party official in China) being threatened with destruction by her (or the state's) abortionist as a mere fetus. However extensive the rights in all fairness of the mother, and they are extensive, they are no basis at all for denying to the child she's bearing during those twelve weeks its proper human name, her baby or child...

Excellent point! Words have consequences: at times very serious moral consequences. 

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) -Toronto Secondary Unit (TSU) campaigns for pro-abortion politicians

This is the type of politician that OECTA supports

We have posted a number of times about the objectively evil Ontario Englsih Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA); a strident and militantly dissident union - at least in its leadership - openly opposed to the Catholic Church.  Back in the nineties, OECTA was openly calling for priestesses, and hosting people, such as the "arch-heretic" Gregory Baum (the very words of  the Rev. Msgr. Vincent Foy). 

Waterloo OECTA retweeting OECTA's participation at the obscene and
evil Gay Pride Parade in Toronto 

Recently, OECTA's Toronto branch, the Toronto Secondary Unit (TSU) is busy endorsing Toronto candidates for the Federal election that are pro-abortion and pro-homosexualist that they believe are particularly favourable to the union. But it seems that the secularist disease infects all of OECTA, not just the notoriously militant TSU, but also, e.g. OECTA Waterloo. As I wrote a few months ago, it was very disheartening to read that the President of OECTA was openly supporting homosexualism. Instead of throwing him out, OECTA membership is either supportive or silent (due to cowardice?). 

Canada is in a very, very dangerous situation. The Church is an even more dangerous situation. Here, we have a critical election, and the Catholic teachers union in Ontario is openly supporting objectively evil candidates.  Why? Yes, why indeed. 

Canadian Bishops' "Episcopal Commission on Justice & Peace" promote Election Guides that are silent on the the issue of our times: abortion

"Abortion is murder in the womb"
Mother Teresa

A betrayed saint
The unaccountable and un-canonical Episcopal Commission on Justice and Peace, having released its own scandalous election Guide, that could not even mention the word "abortion" (with no mention of the just recently "legalized" abortion pill RU-486), has updated the CCCB website to include links to two further election guides: one from Development and Peace, the other from the Canadian Council of Churches. The holy name of Our Lord Jesus Christ is not mentioned in either document from these two "religious" organizations.  Both of these two new guides are secularist, promoting at best a sociological, horizontal Christianity, long ago condemned by the Popes. Neither guide addresses the three non-negotiable election items of Pope Benedict XVI. So what possible use could they be to inform a Catholic  conscience? One might ask: why not, for example, include REAL Women of Canada's Election Guide on their recommended list? 

"Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature is also incompatible with the justification of abortion" Laudato Si, Pope Francis

D & P perverts Pope Francis' encyclical, Laudato Si, failing to mention that at the centre of any ecological movement is human ecology: the defense of life from conception to natural death. D & P's concern is imposing new taxes on carbon emissions and extending government control into peoples lives. Strangely, it shows no concern to impose control to stop the heartless from killing unborn children? 

The Commission's recommended election guides
D & P fails to mention what Popes John Paul II,  Benedict XVI and Francis have written (c.f. human ecology): there can be no true, moral and just environmental movement without defending human life. First in this defense is the weakest most vulnerable of lives: the unborn, the elderly, the sick and disabled. We have mass extermination of the unborn, and we will soon have "legalized" euthanasia. Why are they silent?  

The document by the Canadian Council of Churches is hardly better. It does bring up euthanasia, but only within the context of needing a "debate" - there is NO opposition to euthanasia in this document, that, the Episcopal Commission evidently sees fit to recommend to Catholics for study on election issues. Needless to say, the CCC is likewise SILENT on abortion, the family, "same-sex marriage" and so on. 

Just how important is abortion an election issue? Let us, once again,  recall the words of St. Pope John Paul II:

It was a legally elected parliament, "which allowed for the election of Hitler in Germany in the 1930s and then the same Reichstag that gave Hitler powers which paved a way for the political invasion of Europe, for the creation of concentration camps and for introducing the so-called 'final solution' of the Jewish question, which meant the extermination of millions of sons and daughters of Israel." The pope continued, "We have to question the legal regulations that have been decided in the parliaments of present day democracies. The most direct association which comes to mind is the abortion laws. ... Parliaments which create and promulgate such laws must be aware that they are transgressing their powers and remain in open conflict with the law of God and the law of nature."

Truly one can ask: why would the Episcopal Commission on Justice and Peace recommend these two election guides, when they are objectively evil? A great injustice has been committed against the Catholic faithful and loyal bishops who could never acquiesce to this. This committee is compromising with evil. It was tried in the 1930s with the Nazis, and we know the result of that. This is madness.
Prayer for Canada

0 Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, at this most critical time, we entrust our country to your loving care.

Most Holy Mother, we beg you to reclaim this land for the glory of your Son. Overwhelmed with the burden of the sins of our nation, we cry to you from the depths of our hearts and seek refuge in your motherly protection.

.Look down with mercy upon us and touch the hearts of our people. Open our minds to the great worth of human life and to the respon­sibilities that accompany human freedom.

Free us from the falsehoods that lead to the evil of abortion and the breakdown of family life.
Grant us the wisdom to know and proclaim that this nation was founded on God’s law and that He alone is the True Source of our cherished rights and freedoms.

Guide and protect this land from every evil and from the attacks of the powers of darkness.

O Merciful Mother, give us the courage to reject the culture of death and the strength to build a new culture of life. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Imprimatur: Bishop Roman Danylak, D.D,
Titular Bishop of Nyssa - Dec. 12, 2004