Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Friday, 21 October 2016

Fifty Shades of Cardinal Dolan's Treachery ~ Archbishop of New York and USCCB Chairman of the "Pro-Life Committee"

The following was originally published January 16, 2016. Following Timothy Dolan's disgusting behaviour and sell-out to Hillary Clinton last night at the Al Smith Dinner, I felt it necessary to republish my assessment of the Malefactor "Prince of the Church", an assessment which I realize was accurate and tame considering his diabolical sniggering and pandering to the vicious demonic Hillary Clinton, who advocates slaughtering babies as they are being born. 

Dear friends, I shall allow these photos and the following video to speak of the degree of treachery from churchmen. 

How can a priest, indeed, a bishop of Jesus Christ - a Prince of the Church - be seen laughing with the evil, vile, murderous Andrew Cuomo? The same Cuomo and Cuomo family  that the horrifically demonic Passionist Fathers fawn and grovel before (for a few pieces of silver?). What Judases these wicked,  mercenaries are! Never forget: far above what a churchmen says, is what a churchman does. Yes, on paper, Dolan opposes abortion. But what is he prepared to do about the holocaust? 

These nauseating images help explain the cowardice of Cardinal Dolan when confronted with the homosexual juggernaut - not a priest, not a bishop - but a layman, Michael Voris - is nearly single handedly fighting the horror of the evil homosexual cabal that seems to hold the Archdiocese of New York in its grasp. How will history judge a sniggering Cardinal next to fanatically pro-abortion Cuomo? But more importantly, how will God judge? 

A jolly good time between Andrew Cuomo and Timothy Dolan

.....but this pandering to the rich has been going on and on....and they have been bought, lock, stock and barrel for thirty pieces of silver.  

Egan and Cuomo
Colbert and Dolan
.... and how can we finish without the Cuomo sycophant, Edward Beck?

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Archdiocese of NY would have had Adolf Hitler as an "honored guest" at the Al Smith Dinner

Every Tweet tells a story. Once again I repeat: if Hillary Clinton is elected President, it will have been the American hierarchy who propelled her into the Oval Office. 

Apparently endorsing - once again - the slaughter of babies born alive by Hillary Clinton is not enough for the Archdiocese of New York. No doubt, in 1933 and beyond they would have welcomed Adolf Hitler as an "honored guest" as well.

As Hillary Clinton openly boasts of supporting partial-birth abortion, the Catholic Church in America is willingly handing her the Presidential Election

Hale continues his support of the Abortionists

Last night the American election came down to one word, as it always has since Roe V Wade: abortion. Americans have a clear cut choice. How corrupt and decadent is America? Just consider the near universal silence following one candidate's announcement that she does and will continue to support the torture and slaughter of babies as they are actually being born. 

NY Times has it right: the US bishops will swing the vote to Clinton
Far, far worse: the silence, the HUGE silence of churchmen. One might expect the New York Times, or the Washington Post to remain silent, but churchmen? But silence is not enough, no! Edward Beck, the Passionist priest and CNN "religion" commentator, has ramped up his attacks on the candidate who opposes slaughtering a baby as it is being born. Christopher J Hale, the Executive Director of the George Soros funded, "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good", has likewise joined in this hellish clamor for the candidate who supports thrusting a into a baby's head. Hale, when challenged by a Catholic blogger accused her of drug use. "Are you on crack"?, Hale wrote on a Direct Message on Twitter. 

Hale attacks Trump, is silent on partial birth abortion
Beck and Hale are two examples of vicious traitors to the Catholic Church in America. 

But it goes deeper, far deeper, than dissenters like Beck, or fools like Hale. Look at the bishops, look at the priests. They are silent. Yes, there may be one small voice here or there, but collectively, they are mute dogs. 

Kurtz retweets vicious slanderer, Hale 
Timothy Cardinal Dolan, will, this very evening, cavort openly, laughingly with Hillary Clinton. What would we say and think of a Cardinal who would openly cavort with a Gestapo Captain known for running a torture chamber?

Why are the bishops silent? Is it just the money they receive from the Federal Government? Is blackmail involved? How many bishops and priests are practicing homosexuals and are being   told to be silent? How many bishops are being silenced because they either enabled or covered up for homosexual abusers? (e.g. Justin Rigali). Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.  


In about three weeks Americans may well end up with the President they deserve. Decades of abortion, contraception, homosexuality, vice, divorce and other grave sins against Almighty God does call down His wrath. It is inevitable that the Lord God will punish a Nation that mocks Him. 

Militant homosexualist Welle attacks Trump
but is silent on Clinton's baby killing
America be warned: to much is given, much is expected. Much too will be exacted as a punishment. The complete downfall of America is imminent. Interestingly, the Washington Post has accurately pointed out that it will be the "Catholic" vote that will push the baby butcher over the top and into the Oval Office.

Let there be no mistake, if Hillary Clinton is elected President, America's Catholic bishops put her there. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Edward Beck: are you trying to get Hillary Clinton elected?

Edward Beck, the erstwhile celebrity "priest" and CNN "religion" commentator has seen fit to come to the defense of the dissident fronts established to undermine the Catholic Church. 

Vox Cantoris carries full details about this vile malefactor's latest antics that seem to be determined to try to get the vicious, hateful crone, Hillary Clinton elected. 

Perhaps Edward Beck would like to give a response to the following, instead of excusing and defending dissenting heretics? 

Edward Beck C.P. - America's resident Judas priest - comes out of the closet for the Clinton Campaign

Edward Beck posing with militant pro-abortion advocate and "actress", Julianne Moore

Edward Beck, the notorious Passionist priest and CNN contributor, who loves to hob-knob with the powerful and wealthy (invariably militantly pro-abortion), has seen fit to come to the defense of the Clinton campaign regarding the emails that exposed a virulent anti-Catholicism. 

Vox Cantoris carries a full report and analysis.

Just who is this Edward Beck? That is a good question. Based on his social media activity if not engaging in the writing and staging of a ridiculous play, he may be seen on television presiding over irreverent and scandalous liturgies, posing with pro-abortion actresses, or with his close buddy Chris Cuomo, or Chris' grossly immodest wife; or just posing himself for the cameras. 

And posing, and posing...and posing. 

Nothing like a narcissist priest to rebuild Christ's Church.  

Or, as Eddy Beck perhaps prefers, "clergyperson"

Saturday, 15 October 2016

RESIGN IMMEDIATELY: Executive Director of "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good" accuses a blogger of drug use, asking: "are you on crack"?

Christopher J Hale, the Executive Director of the dissident group "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good", during the course of a number of exchanges via Twitter's Direct Message, accused the blogger, Always Catholic of "...being on crack".  

Hale's remark was disgusting, insulting and slanderous. This blog demands that he APOLOGIZE and RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. 

Wikileaks shows the links between dissident groups and the Democrats going back to at least 2008. 

Just who is this Arthur Fitzmaurice, who is on Staff at the dissident "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good"? He is a militant homosexual activist who is demanding with fellow homosexuals and their allies that the Catholic Church approve of perverted sexual activity, such as "anal sex", fisting, rimming and so forth. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Thomas Rosica, CSB attacks fellow priest for defending the 13 Cardinals' Letter that opposed Communion for Adulterers

Thomas Rosica, CSB, has seen fit to attack fellow priest Fr. Raymond de Souza. 

"Ridiculus, irresponsible", are Rosica's claims against Fr. de Souza's article in the Catholic Herald of October 13th that reviews the monumental Open Letter of "the 13" to the Pope advising against the distribution of Holy Communion to Adulterers.

Rosica scoffs at Fr. de Souza's article, claiming it is "false reporting" and "nonsense". Rosica further mocks Fr. de Souza loyalty to the Magisterium. 

I have one question for Thomas Rosica: when are you going to own up to your "irresponsible" interview with the arch-heretic Gregory Baum? 

Is it not rather bizarre - to say the least - that Thomas Rosica is concerned abut "loyalty to the magisterium", yet he praised and showed his support for Baum on his Salt and Light television show? 

Fr. de Souza's excellent article may be read here. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good promote homosexual perversion as Holy Matrimony

This blog will be publishing DMs between Christopher J Hale, Executive Director of "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good", in which he accuses "Always Catholic" on Twitter of "...being on crack" for asking questions about his organization and its dissent. We will be dealing with this disgusting man and his vile group tomorrow. Be prepared. 

For now, we will publish screen shots that exposes this group as militant supporters of the perverted vice of homosexuality.

Arthur Fitzmaurice, a Staff member of "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good", is a well known supporter of homosexual dissident groups and on record as calling Catholic teaching on homosexuality "gravely evil". 

This blog exposed Fitzmaurice's interview with homosexualist Jesuit, Jason Welle last year, when the latter rejoiced with fellow Jesuits over the US Supreme Court ruling in favour of the horrid abomination of so-called "same sex marriage". 

Here we publish a screen shot of Fitzmaurice with two "men", allegedly engaged to be "married". 

Fitzmaurice, is known for raging against the Catholic Church for defending the sanctity of Holy Matrimony and condemning unnatural sexual vice as intrinsically disordered. The Catholic Church, for condemning oral, anal and other grotesque unnatural sexual sins is, according to Fitzmaurice, "gravely evil".

Lo and behold, this same Fitzmaurice is a staff member for the "Catholic Alliance for the Common Good"

Here we have Fitzmaurice being interviewed by rabid pro-homosexualist dissenter, Jason Welle S.J.