Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Friday, 2 December 2016

Fr. Matthew Despard: Will the persecution by the Hierarchy result in his parents losing their home?

Fr. Matthew Despard

Fr. Matthew Despard, the Catholic priest who blew the whistle on the on-going homosexual "mafia" in the Catholic priesthood continues to suffer at the hands of the brutal hierarchy of Scotland. 

Unfortunately, Fr. Despard's attempts to expose the evil doers did not go well with the "men" who run the Catholic Church in Scotland. Fr. Despard's book, "Priesthood in Crisis", was greeted with derision, threats of legal action - instead of calm, meticulous rebuttal. 

Montfort, who has written on this blog on a number of occasions about Fr. Despard and the general spiritual crisis in Scotland, hails from Fr. Despard's Diocese of Motherwell,  Thus, what is happening to Fr. Despard and Scotland is of great interest to us. 

The latest news from the Diocese of Motherwell is that the sadistic persecution of Fr. Despard may now result in his parents ending up homeless. From the Motherwell TImes: 

Supporters of the priest say his parents, Dickie and Cathie, could be forced out of the North Motherwell home they have lived in for many years if the latest court action brought against him is successful. 

They are angry that Bishop Joseph Toal, Bishop of Motherwell, is due to visit St Bernadette’s Church, where the couple are well-respected parishioners, on Sunday, just a day before the legal action is raised at Hamilton Sheriff Court. 

Fr Despard was parish priest at St John Ogilvie’s in High Blantyre when he was suspended from duties in 2013. Last year he was forced to leave the parish house there after losing a court action brought by Motherwell Diocese. 

However, a church ruling that he had made damaging accusations against priests and lay people in his book was overturned by a court in Rome, and a support group is calling for his re-instatement as parish priest in High Blantyre. 

The latest court action is said to be to recover previous legal costs. The house in question, a former council property, is in Fr Despard’s name.

But the vile hounding of Fr. Despard only reflects one side of the homosexual crisis. On the one hand, those who expose the evil are driven out; while those engaging in the evil are pandered to and promoted.  This reality is reflected in the fact that a certain  Fr. Paul Milarvie was not expelled from the priesthood after being involved in a homosexual incident. No, this pervert was promoted into the Diocesan curia of Glasgow. Such is the concern with maintaining the sacredness of the priesthood by the evil malefactors who seemed to have seized control of the Church in that suffering nation. 

How can this go on? How can such men be so cruel and vicious? What drives their hatred, their lust for inflicting pain and harm on others? 

 Are they Satanists? Are they members of the occult? Do they belong to the Freemasons?

How is it that these men are not driven from their Sees, with their lackeys with them? 

Are they themselves homosexuals? Are they practicing this demonic vice? Are they being blackmailed? Are they covering up even greater crimes by homosexual clergy? 

Catholics need to know just who these people are. Questions, many question remain unanswered. 

Our Lord admonished us: judge everything by its fruits. The fruits of the Church in Scotland are bitter and poisonous.

Homosexual "Fr" Paul Milarvie on the Glaswegian Curia

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Fr Matthew Despard: is the priest who exposed homosexual decadence going to be forced out?

Scottish media are reporting that Fr. Matthew Despard, may be expelled from the priesthood by Bishop Toal of the Diocese of Motherwell. Montfort carried a reflection, and it is well worth re-reading. 

In part, Montfort wrote:

 The "problem" of Fr. Despard is really a diversionary tactic; to throw people off the real issue. And it is not the allegations of choir directors and others who take umbrage to what may or may not be true, or what is in Fr. Despard's book. The issue is NOT Fr. Despard's book! The issue is: and I will restate it again for those who  seem to have difficulty in understanding: it is the sexual abuse of young people, and active homosexual activity by priests. That is the issue. Fr. Despard's book just helped blow the lid off the boil! The evil that is in the Church in Scotland is exemplified by the lying and covering up of horrible sexual crimes and behaviours.

Please pray for Fr. Despard and Scotland.   

The beginning of Advent: "Who is Our King"?

"Morning Of Advent" by Tancau Emanuel
“Morning Of Advent” by
Tancau Emanuel

31 Meditations for Advent and Christmas

“The King Who is to come; O come let us adore Him.”


Our King is Jesus Christ, God and Man. The name Jesus indicates His Divine nature. For Jesus means Saviour (“Thou shalt call His name Jesus; for He shall save His people from their sins”– Matt. i. 21). Now from our sins none can save us but One who is Himself God; none else can pay the debt due for man’s sin. Hence He who is our King is also our Saviour; and He who is our Saviour must be God, the God of infinite majesty, infinite power, and infinite knowledge. This is why before the name of Jesus every knee must bow; because the name of Jesus is the name of God. If men glory in having a noble King, how much more ought we to rejoice in having as our King the Omnipotent God and Lord of Heaven and earth.

To read the full reflection, please visit Always Catholic. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Reverse Papolatry: how some Traditionalists have focused on the Pope rather than Our Lord

 "Whoever committeth sin, is the slave of sin" John 8:34

Pope Francis needs our prayers, not our hate, anger, rage. We have had weak, bad even evil popes before. The Church survived. Why? Because Christ is the Head of the Church, not a man. Christ has triumphed.

The Providence of God saw to enshrine in the First Vatican Council that the Supreme Pontiff actually has very little powers. He is not some arbitrary figure who may make up doctrine on a whim. To lament and rage over utterances of the Holy Father gives to him far, far more power than he ever had: it is a form of reverse papolatry. Eventually, the only sick logic of this is sedevacantism, or unbelief. The Pope is a liberal, but is infallible; ergo I must be a liberal. Or, the Pope is liberal, but is infallible, ergo he is not Pope. This is madness.

We do not know if the selection of Haring for praise was the Pope's or his advisors. In a sense, it does not matter. The men whom Pope Francis has surrounded himself are not giving good advise, nor have been giving good advise for some time. 

The proper reaction from Catholics to the confusion coming from Rome should not be anger, hatred, vulgarity, moral relativism etc. When Catholics calling themselves "traditional" do not understand that sin is sin, that it is black and white, then we have a serious problem: it is called moral relativism and it comes from being imbued with the poison of liberalism.

These are all signs of the Enemy and not the Holy Spirit.
There are a few voices of soundness, of calm who are speaking up. Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider are two exemplary voices in the hierarchy, but not the only ones. Notwithstanding, when Cardinal Burke did not commit episcopal "suicide" by denouncing the Pope within a few hours of the publication of Amoris Laetitia (and hence effectively removing himself from defending the truth), his voice is a voice of Catholic clarity proclaiming the truth in charity amongst the din of hatred.

When a mere man, the Pope in Rome, has become the centre of attention, the focus of hate, - not prayer - we have a serious problem. When Our Lord, who should be our focus, is a mere afterthought, we have an even bigger problem.

The Pope in Rome needs out prayers and sacrifices. We need to increase our prayers, and decrease our "noise". 

"It is easy to see what effects proceed from corrupt nature; they are such things as...feuds, quarrels, jealousies, outbursts of anger, rivalries, dissensions, factions, spite... I warn you, as I have warned you before, that those who live in such a way will not inherit God’s kingdom. Whereas the spirit yields a harvest of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, forbearance, gentleness, faith, courtesy, temperateness, purity".   
Galatians, 5, 19-23

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How "Traditionalists" and "Modernists" join hands as the Servants of Satan

Our Lord and His Church are under demonic attack: such is the power of Satanism that he uses both "left" and "right" in undermining and destroying the Church. 

The devil does not care how he gets a soul but that he gets one. 

There is much laughter in hell when the "Traditionalist" and "Modernist" have both been swung off in the service of Satan.  

Archbishop Fulton Sheen was right when he once stated that the reason why so few people converted was because they had not meant an authentic Christian.
I ask: are these Tweets by authentic Christians?

(my apologies to the ladies who read this blog, for the monstrous expletive but the truth must be known). 

Friday, 18 November 2016

"The Smoking Adulterist Gun": How Antonio Spadaro S.J. is the "hit man" for the heresy of "Pastoralism"

Originally published on July 7, 2015, this article is even more prescient with the latest virulent attacks by Antonio Spadaro S.J., on the Four Cardinals who have publicly opposed the heresy of Pastoralism as the pretext for admitting adulterers to Holy Communion. This interview, given well before Amoris Laetitia, provides us with the template that FR. Spadaro used when he ghost wrote the Pope's exhortation that permits Holy Communion for adulterers through the "back door". 

Fr. Antonio Spadaro S.J., in an interview with Georges Cardinal Cottier (published in the ultra-modernist Jesuit run, America) receives this response from the aged prelate on if and how Holy Communion may be given to adulterers. We see this type of prudential judgment being floated by bishops by people like Paul-Andre Durocher; or Thomas Rosica promoting what Anglican heretics call "Regional Autonomy" in deciding which adulterers may receive Holy Communion. Likewise, it was only recently that Cardinal Baldisseri spoke with Fr. Thomas Rosica about an update for the Church

Fr. Spadaro: We are thus faced with a methodological problem. Generic classifications [he is promoting Nominalism]  ignore a considerable number of concrete aspects [subjectivism] that are, however, crucial for the formulation of an equitable judgment.

Cardinal Cottier:  The moral theology of St. Thomas is one based on prudence, which, in an existential way, applies the right judgment to the affective dynamism to which it orients. Every judgment of prudence is unique [yes, but not to be used to erase objective truth]. This is because, on the one hand, every action is unique and, on the other, because the subject that carries out this action is also unique. I am personally involved in my choices; they are mine. One single action is not a repetition of a similar action that I have carried out at some other moment or that someone else has carried out. The judgment of prudence must bear in mind the circumstances surrounding the act to be carried out. And in this objective consideration there is no trace of relativism or of “situation ethics.” The judgment of prudence involves the person in that person’s uniqueness [being is different than acting, Eminence]; it is an objective judgment, in the sense that it refers to objective norms. Emphasizing the subjectivity of the moral act does not at all mean giving in to subjectivism [it does, if you consider "concrete aspects" as the "formulation of an "equitable judgment"] . Thus, during the recent debate on the possible admission to the Eucharist of the “divorced and remarried,” an oversimplified generalization that leaves out the diversity of situations [you have just contradicted yourself, Eminence. Is diversity now an "objective judgment"? ] has been an obstacle to wise and well-considered conclusions.

Thus, moving from the "concrete aspects" of a divorce and remarriage, and taking into consideration the "diversity of situations", we are now left with...!

Fr. Spadaro: From whom can we expect a judgment of prudence?
Cardinal Cottier: I believe that the solution to some of the problems should come from the prudential judgment of the bishop. I say this not without hesitation and doubts, in view of the division among the bishops. My judgment is to be applied, first of all [and then what, Your Eminence, expand Holy Communion to MORE adulterers?], to certain situations where there is a high probability that the first marriage was null but for which it is difficult to provide evidence that is canonically acceptable [They are STILL married, Your Eminence!] .

So there we have it friends!! Gone is St. Pope John Paul II's 'Veritatis Splendor, where we read: "circumstances or situations can never transform an act intrinsically evil by virtue of its object into an act "subjectively" good or defensible as a choice".The local Ordinary will decide that a civilly "re-married" Catholic really is entitled to an annulment, but canonically it is still impossible due to lack of evidence. He will thus give the go-ahead that this adulterer can receive Holy Communion.

Notice how these adulterists have technically left intact indissolubility? Notice how they are now declaring themselves; their new heresy: the heresy of PASTORALISM. 


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Going back to the 50s will not "make the Church great again"

Every so often Fiftiesism breaks out amongst Catholics who hanker for the "good old days" of Pius XII and the comfortable lives - so they think in their fantasy - of the Catholic Church prior to the Council. but the Council blew away the rot, the decadence, the hypocrisy, the liberalism, the Americanism  that had invaded the Catholic Church for decades prior to the 1960s. 

Fifties Catholicism was a Church far too rich, far too comfortable, far too conformable to the secular world that was rapidly sliding into apostasy.

We do not need to "make the Church great again" or some other shallow political slogan, for the Church was always great, from the moment She was born from Christ's side on Mount Calvary. What we need is to prayer, to act with humility, to never be tempted that we will save the Church. "Place not your trust in Princes..." 

Just as the Dominicans, the Jesuits, the Franciscans and the other once great Orders have crashed off to the side, seduced by liberalism, so too we see much of the Fraternity of St. Peter's and the Society of St. Pius X slowing crashing off to the side with Manicheanism and prideful temptations that they will be the special "elite" of God to save the Church. 

Pride always comes before the fall. Beware of pride, dear readers. God has never blessed or favoured the proud, but always brought them down.

Is it not a marvel that outside of the North American Martyrs, and a number of holy nuns, the only Canadian elevated to the Altars was the humble, semi-illiterate Brother Andre of Montreal? Let this extraordinary saint be a warning for our eminently "educated" churchmen. 

We need to "watch and pray", remain humble and follow the example of saints like Philip Neri or Therese of Lisieux.

I reflected a while ago on Fifties Catholicism, and stand by every word - even more so today, than when I wrote it. 



Tuesday, 15 November 2016

BREAKING: Antonio Spadaro S.J., brings the hammer down on the Four Cardinals ~ terrorizing bishops and priests into silence

Antonio Spadaro. S.J., the man who is running this Papacy, is striking hammer blows at the Four Cardinals and any other potential opponents of Adultery with a series of vicious Tweets. 

The aggression of Spadaro is a way of warning any other churchmen who might wish to express opposition to giving Holy Communion to Adulterers to back off.

By bringing down the hammer on the Four, Spadaro is effectively terrorizing timid churchmen into silence. 

These Tweets are shots across the bow of any bishop who would dare speak up.