Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Friday, 24 February 2017

BREAKING: the Catholic Church in the U.S. is an active co-conspirator with the ACLU, CAIR and other fascist, terrorist groups

Bishop Robert McElroy addressing PICO's
"World Meeting of Popular Movements"
PICO is a very interesting organization. It is the mother organization for the "World Meeting of Popular Movements". It claims to be a national U.S. based organization for different "faiths". It was founded by John Baumann S.J.  in 1972. 

A brief review of their website identifies PICO a militant, extremist, fascist organization. A viciously anti-Christ cabal. Let us now have a "peek" inside PICO to see just what they support. My, my, what have we here? The ACLU and CAIR. The list goes on and on in the call to "resistance". 

Various "resistance" groups promoted by PICO 

This seems like they are calling for an insurrection in the United States. Certainly, Bishop Robert McElroy is calling for people to be "disruptors". 

Readers should not that behind PICO is the sinister hand and money of the Nazi collaborator, anti-Catholic, Jewish multi-billionaire, George Soros. This man is merely continuing the 2000 year old tradition of the enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Do not be fooled: Behind communism, conservatism (so-called), capitalism, freemasonry, feminism, Islam and Islamism, liberalism, zionism, and neocon variants lurks the Synagogue of Satan (c.f. John 8:44). 

PICO promotes "womanist theology"
Apparently, so do leading churchmen

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bishop Robert McElroy: his transformation into a partisan political agent of PICO

"...we must not...engage in partisan politics"
Bishop Robert McElroy

Bishop Robert McElroy, who in early November, 2016 rigorously enforced  political neutrality (even after Hilary Clinton came out in the final debate to openly underscore her unchanging militant support of partial-birth abortion) in his diocese. 

His Excellency wrote in part to parishes, after a priest warned the faithful about voting for pro-abortion candidates: 

“Let me stress again that while we have a moral role to play in explaining how Catholic teaching relates to certain public policy issues, we must not and will not endorse specific candidates, use parish media or bulletins to favor candidates or parties through veiled language about selectively chosen issues, or engage in partisan political activity of any kind.”  

The above Tweet for the Bishop's Diocesan Twitter account leaves no doubt that the emphasis is on not getting involved in partisan politics. 

However, once McElroy's candidate(?) Hilary Clinton, was trounced by Donald Trump, the erstwhile prelate reversed his position and since late November has become a political agitator: in his words, he has become a "disruptor". 

At this very moment the United States is on the verge of exploding in violent insurgency. That a bishop calls for action and disruption without any call to ensure protest is peaceful is disgraceful. 

Even more diabolical is this man's militant, partisan political action in favour of criminal activity; namely, his ongoing support of the importing of illegal migrants (many, one might add, brought into the Unites States in the most unsavory manner by criminal gangs and vicious exploiters). Needless to say, His Excellency has nothing to say about the drug runners, the human traffickers who facilitate all of this. 

His Excellency is also silent on the nearly $100 million received by the Catholic Church per annum from the United States taxpayer to provide "support" for these migrants and "refugees"; as he is silent on the nearly $1 billion per annum received by Catholic Relief Services from the same long-suffering United States taxpayer. 

How does His Excellency feel that  he and his fellow churchmen, along with a gang of very wealthy professional "do-gooders" (all paid enormous six figure salaries - either by taxpayers, or from the widow's mite stolen from the parish poor box) are material accessories, indeed co-conspirators in this ongoing international criminal action, most of it funded by - yes, once again - the poor taxpayer? 

His Excellency has much to say about his own country but is silent on the xenophobic and racist policies of so many other countries who allow no immigration. A few very wealthy countries come to mind: Japan, South Korea, Israel, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait....I could go on. To remind His Excellency, the United States granted refugee status to 69,920 refugees in 2015. His Excellency, being a theologian, should be well aware that morality is not based on geographic location. A sin is a sin wherever it is committed. 

I call upon Bishop McElroy to organize sit-ins and protests outside the Embassies and Consulates of any and every country that has a "no" immigration policy. Since he refuses to do so: it is not about immigration, it is about SOMETHING else. 

Let us explore what this might be. 

Screenshot of "World Meeting of Popular Movements" website:
notice it is COPYRIGHT to: 2017 PICO National Network 

We can do so very simply, by connecting the dots. The World Meeting of Popular Movements - established by the Vatican City State - is an appendage of PICO. A bit of investigation quickly leads us to discover that PICO also receives money from the Nazi-collaborator, anti-Catholic, Jewish billionaire, George Soros. Well, now we know. 

More to come on PICO. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bishop McElroy: His Address to the "World Meeting of Popular Movements" is an act of heresy and apostasy!

Let us review the speech given to the "World Meeting of Popular Movements". His  speech is not reflective of a Catholic bishop, but that of a secular politician. His words could be those of a freemason. Our Lord Jesus Christ is mentioned only ONCE and that is conjunction with other false "faiths", including the "prophet" Mohommed (whom the Catholic Church has always taught and continues to teach is a precursor of the Antichrist). 
McElroy's speech is nothing but "horizontal Christianity;, a false, secular, humanistic ideology that uses a few Christian words to trap the unwary. It is very interesting that this political speech was given before a number of extremely well paid lay "luminaries", who draw enormous salaries as professional "do-gooders". An example of a luminary was Carolyn Woo who was paid in excess of $2 million working for Catholic Relief Services. This organization, run by the USCCB, has received literally billions of US taxpayers money. They are but one of many. Follow the money dear reader and you will begin to understand why these apostate do-nothing bishops can rage over "immigration", yet remain virtually silent on the horror of our time: abortion. 

MODESTO,  Calif., Feb. 18, 2017 – The Most Rev. Robert W. McElroy, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, today delivered the following comments at the U.S. Regional World Meeting of Popular Movements [Funded by the Nazi-collaborating Jewish billionaire and vehment hater of the Catholic Church, George Soros. Nothing like taking money from the Jewish High Priest to re-crucify Christ in His Church] during a panel discussion on the barriers marginalized people face in housing and work.
For the past century, from the worker movements of Catholic action in France, Belgium and Italy to Pope John XXXIII’s call to re-structure the economies of the world in “Mater et Magistra,”[Don't try to compare what Pope John wrote to your nonsense. I have read Pope John, you are distorting his teaching] to the piercing missionary message of the Latin American Church [Really? I thought Liberation Theology was condemned by the Church], the words “see,” “judge” and “act” have provided a powerful pathway for those who seek to renew the temporal order, in the light of the Gospel and justice. 
As the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace described this pathway, it lies in “seeing clearly the situation, judging with principles that foster the integral development of people and acting in a way which implements these principles in the light of everyone’s unique situation.” 
There is no greater charter for this gathering taking place here in Modesto in these days than the simple but rich architecture of these three words: “see,” “judge” and “act.” Yet these words -- which carry with them such a powerful history of social transformation [Interesting words for a Catholic bishop] around the world in service to the dignity of the human person -- must be renewed and re-examined at every age and seen against the background of those social, economic and political forces in each historical moment.[Indeed, the political forces of Freemasonry and the 2000 year enemy of Christ, c.f. John 8:44]
In the United States we stand at a pivotal moment as a people and a nation, in which bitter divisions cleave our country and pollute our national dialogue.[Indeed your country does, but not  because Mr. Trump is going to build a wall. No, the pivotal moment is the murder in the wombs of their mothers, millions upon millions of helpless, innocent babies]. 
In our reflections in these days, here, we must identify the ways in which our very ability to see, judge and act on behalf of justice is being endangered by cultural currents which leave us isolated, embittered and angry. We must make the issues of jobs, housing, immigration, economic disparities and the environment, foundations for common efforts rather than of division. [We are united in Christ Your Excellency, not in any other way]  We must see prophetic words and prophetic actions which produce unity and cohesion and we must do so in the spirit of hope which is realistic. For as Pope Francis stated to the meeting in Bolivia: “You are sowers of change,” and sowers never lose hope. [Not ONE WORD about ABORTION. I guess killing babies is not much a concern for you, is it your Excellency?] 
First, “see clearly the situation.” One of the most striking elements of “Laudato Si” is his clear and bold analysis of the empirical realities that threaten the Earth which is our common home. “Seeing the situation clearly” is the whole foundation for that encyclical. It is the starting point for transformative justice. Pope Francis was unafraid to venture into this controversial set of questions about climate change and the environment despite the fact that massive social and economic forces [Forces that you and your friends take money from. Bishop McElroy, you and your fellow bishops are bought shills] especially within our own country, have conspired to obscure the scientific realities of climate change and environmental degradation, in the very same way that the tobacco companies obscured for decades the medical science pertaining to smoking.[What about the dangers of contraception? Nothing to say about this?] 
There is a lesson for us here, as agents of change and justice. Never be afraid to speak the truth. [I agree, that is why I am DENOUNCING YOU!]  Always find your foundation for reflection and action in the fullness of empirical reality. Design strategies for change upon ever fuller dissemination of truths [Wait a moment, I thought there was only ONE TRUTH? Are you now admitting you are a relativist, your Excellency?] , even when they seem inconvenient to the cause. 
This is an especially important anchor for us, in an age in which truth itself is under attack.[Indeed it is, and by you and fellow shills of International Finance and Freemasonry]
Pope Benedict lamented the diminishment of attention to the importance of objective truth in public life and discourse. [Don't bring Pope Benedict into this, surely have some respect]  Now we come to a time when alternate facts compete with real facts, and whole industries have arisen to shape public opinion in destructively isolated and dishonest patterns. [Indeed they have: public manipulation by Freemasonry and their lackeys behind whom lurks the Synagogue of Satan c.f. John 8:44] The dictum “see clearly the situation” has seldom been more difficult in our society in the United States. 
Yet the very realities which our speakers this morning have all pointed to in capturing the depth of marginalization in housing, work and economic equality within the United States point us toward the clarification and the humanization of truth, which leads to a deeper grasp of the realities of injustice and marginalization that confront our nation. [Sin is the cause of injustice Bishop McElroy, you have failed to mention "SIN" in this tirade of yours, haven't you?]
As Pope Francis underscored in his words to the Popular Movements in Bolivia, “When we look into the eyes of the suffering, when they see the faces of the endangered campesino, the poor laborer, the downtrodden native, the homeless family, the persecuted migrant, the unemployed young person and the exploited  child, we have seen and heard not a cold statistic but the pain of a suffering humanity, our own pain, our own flesh.”[NOT ONE WORD ABOUT ABORTION. How sad. You are also strangely silent on millions of millions of normal unemployed Americans. DO you not care about their plight? You are a heartless man, cruel and vicious. Soft on doctrine, yet  hard and vicious on people] 
One of the most important elements of your work as agents of justice in our midst in this country in this day in this moment, is to help our society as a whole become more attuned to this reality of humanized truth, through narrative and witness, listening and solidarity. In this way, you not only witness to the truth through the lives and experiences of the marginalized, you help us all to see the most powerful realities of our world in greater depth. [Indeed, such as your financial manipulator, the Nazi-collaborator, anti-Catholic, Jewish billionaire, George Soros]. 
Those realities embrace both scientific findings and stories of tragedy, economic analysis and the tears of the human heart. “See clearly the situation” is not merely a step in your work on behalf of justice, it shapes everything that you do to transform our world. 
Secondly, “judging with principles to foster integral development.” The fundamental political question of our age is whether our economic structures and systems in the United States will enjoy ever greater freedom or whether they will be located effectively within a juridical structure which seeks to safeguard the dignity of the human person [No mention of abortion?] and the common good of our nation. [Abortion ??]
In that battle, the tradition of Catholic social teaching is unequivocally on the side of strong governmental [Just how "strong" do you wish to make the government, Bishop McElroy?] and societal protections for the powerless, the worker, the homeless, the hungry, those without decent medical care, the unemployed.[Notice not ONE MENTION of ABORTION. Incredible]  This stance of the Church’s teaching flows from the teaching of the Book of Genesis [Yes, but not for the reasons you lay out]: The creation is the gift of God to all of humanity. Thus in the most fundamental way, there is a universal destination for all of the material goods that exist in this world [which is?]. Wealth is a common heritage, not at its core a right of lineage or acquisition. [Are you describing a Monastery which all members for the glory of God hold all things freely in common; or are you proposing a communist dictatorship which an elite will impose by force making everyone "equal" (except themselves, of course). I think readers know where His Excellency wishes to take society] 
For this reason, free markets do not constitute a first principle of economic justice [True, but not for the reasons you lay out]. Their moral worth is instrumental in nature and must be structured by government  to accomplish the common good. ["The working man, too, has interests in which he should be protected by the State; and first of all, there are the interests of his soul" Leo XIII Rerum Novarum. The holy Pope continues..." ..."in order to supersede undue interference on the part of the State, especially as circumstances, times, and localities differ so widely, it is advisable that recourse be had to societies or boards such as We shall mention presently, or to some other mode of safeguarding the interests of the wage-earners; the State being appealed to, should circumstances require, for its sanction and protection"You are therefore WRONG again, Bishop McElroy].
In Catholic teaching, the very rights which are being denied in our society to large numbers of those who live in our nation are intrinsic human rights in Catholic teaching: The right to medical care; to decent housing; to the protection of human life, from conception [Mere tokenism: you cannot use the word "abortion"] to natural death [You cannot use the word, "euthanasia"?]; of the right to food; of the right to work.[Your little list would seem that the right to medical attention etc... is more important than stopping the murder of millions of babies] Catholic teaching sees these rights not merely as points for negotiation, provided only if there is excess in society after the workings of the free market system accomplished their distribution of the nation’s wealth. Rather, these rights are basic claims which every man, woman and family has upon our nation as a whole.
These are the fundamental principles which the Church points to as the basis for judgement for every political and social program that structures economic life within the United States. [You are correct for the wrong reasons. The Church does indeed judge politics and economics, and you stand CONDEMNED. c.f. Pius IX, Leo XIII, etc.] And they are supplemented in Catholic teaching by a grave suspicion about enormous levels of economic inequality in society. [Such as the economic power of the Nazi-collaborator, Jewish anti-Catholic billionaire backer of your "Popular Movement", George Soros]  Pope Francis made clear the depth of this suspicion two years ago. “Inequality,” he said, “is the root of social evil.” [Actually, sin is the root cause. Apparently, you do not like to talk about "sin". Economic exploitation is due to sin, Your Excellency. It is sin that causes a man to not pay his worker a just wage, such as the economic exploitation of workers by your Nazi-collaborator, Jewish, Anti-Catholic financial backer, billionaire, George Soros (e.g. when he speculated against the British Pound, ruining millions of pensioners)]. 
In his encyclical “The Joy of the Gospel,” Francis unmasked inequality as the foundation for a process of exclusion that cuts immense segments of society off from meaningful participation in social, political and economic life, as we have all heard this morning. It gives rise to a financial system that rules rather than serves humanity and a capitalism that literally kills those who have no utility as consumers [Such as your financial manipulator, the Nazi-collaborator, anti-Catholic, Jewish billionaire George Soros] 
Now, when I quote the Pope that “this economy kills,” people very often say to me, “Oh come on, that’s just an exaggeration; it’s  a form of speech.”
I want to do an experiment with you. I want you to sit back in your chair for a moment. And close your eyes, and I want you to think of someone you have known that our economy has killed:  A senior who can’t afford medicine or rent; a mother or father who is dying, working two and three jobs, really dying because even then they can’t provide for their kids; young people who can’t find their way in the world in which there is no job for them, and they turn to drugs, and gangs and suicide. Think of one person you know that this economy has killed. [I can think of the millions of Brits financially destroyed by your friend George Soros through his currency manipulation. While we are on the subject of killing, I can think of tens of millions of babies murdered in their  mothers' wombs, aided and abetted by you and your fellow bishops' silence]
Now mourn them. [You HYPOCRITE!]
And now call out their name; let all the world know that this economy kills. [You loathsome man. How can you say this with a straight face when before you sit millionaire professional "do-gooders", who are pocketing money that rightfully belongs to the poor?!] 
For Catholic social teaching, the surest pathway to economic justice is the provision of meaningful and sustainable work for all men and women capable of work. [No, it is a return to Our Lord Jesus Christ]  The “Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church” states, “Economic and social imbalances in the world of work must be addressed by restoring a just hierarchy of values and placing the dignity of workers before all else.”
In work, the Church proclaims, men and women find not only the most sustainable avenue to economic security but also become co-creators with God in the world in which we live. Work is thus profoundly a sacred reality. It protects human dignity even as it spiritually enriches that dignity. If we truly are in our work co-creators with God, don’t we think that deserves at least $15 an hour? [Why $15? What about $3.57, $14.21? or, $23.57? But, I digress. Please explain how your friend, Carolyn Woo was being paid well over $200/hr for "helping the poor?] 
Number three: Acting. After the panel yesterday, when the panelists were asked in one word how they would summarize their message, I tried to think, what is the “act” that summarizes how we must act in this moment?
And I came up with two words. The first, sadly, has been provided by our past election. President Trump was the candidate of “disruption.” He was “the disruptor,” he said. [Ah, so it is all about Donald Trump!]
Well now, we must all become disruptors [Are you proposing public disorder, Your Excellency? I believe you can end up in jail. Needless, to say, you do not encourage "disruption" when it comes time to killing babies]  We must disrupt those who would seek to send troops into our streets to deport the undocumented, to rip mothers and fathers from their families. We must disrupt those who portray refugees as enemies rather than our brothers and sisters in terrible need. We must disrupt those who train us to see Muslim men, women and children as forces of fear rather than as children of God [You are lying again] . We must disrupt those who seek to rob our medical care, especially from the poor. We must disrupt those who would take even food stamps and nutrition assistance from the mouths of children.[You like talking about food, don't you? When are YOU going to stop indulging in gluttony? Just look in the mirror, Your Excellency] 
But we, as people of faith, as disciples of Jesus Christ [This could mean anything. Jehovah's Witnesses claim to be "disciples" as well] , as children of Abraham [Is this how you call Jews to conversion? Is this all you can utter to the followers of Talmudic Judaism, which is the Synagogue of Satan? Is this how you approach Jews who will one day proclaim the Antichrist as the "Messiah"? Do you not fear for their souls? ] , as followers of the Prophet Muhammad [JUST A MINUTE!! Mohommed was a "prophet"?! The Church teaches revelation ended with the death of St. John. You are either an Apostate, or you are a liar, and deceiving Muslims who live in error and darkness: which is it, Your Excellency?]  of people of all faiths and no faith, we cannot merely be disruptors, we also have to be rebuilders. [No, your Excellency, there is only ONE FAITH, the Catholic FAITH. ALL others live is error and darkness. If not, then Our Lord died in vain. YOU, BISHOP MCELROY ARE A SCHISMATIC, HERETIC AND APOSTATE]. 
We have to rebuild this nation so that we place at its heart the service to the dignity of the human person and assert what that flag behinds us asserts is our heritage [Just a moment Your Excellency! I thought our humanity and "heritage" was asserted by our being incorporated into Christ. But you believe in "faiths", and I gather that one "faith" is based on the "flag". This is Americanism, this is heresy]: Every man, woman and child is equal in this nation and called to be equal. [As children of God Your Excellency!]
We must rebuild a nation in solidarity, what Catholic teaching calls the sense that all of us are the children of the one God [Too little, too late, Your Excellency], there are no children of a lesser god in our midst. That all of us are called to be cohesive and embrace one another and see ourselves as graced by God. We are called to rebuild our nation which does pay $15 an hour in wages [No! I want the wage to be raised to $57.23 an hour!!!] , and provides decent housing, clothing [Ah yes, all the Chinese clothing that is being sold in your country and  destroying millions of jobs. Nothing to say about that Your Excellency?] and food for those who are poorest [If you gave up some of YOUR food, perhaps to the local food bank, you could help the poor and improve your health] . And we need to rebuild our Earth, which is so much in danger by our own industries.[Do you not know which countries are actually polluting the earth? It is not America, nor Canada, nor western Europe]. 
So let us see and judge and act. [I agree. I judge YOU a disgrace to the Catholic priesthood and Episcopate. I demand that you ACT and RESIGN: IMMEDIATELY!] 
Let us disrupt and rebuild. [I agree. The Church needs rebuilding. Resign, BIshop McElroy!]
And let us do God’s work   [God's work is SAVING SOULS!!!]

Monday, 20 February 2017

OUTRAGE! The website "Traditio" puts up photo of Mgr Foy claiming he is homosexual Gregory Baum

The lying Traditio website has done it again. This sedevacantist website - run by the "fathers" - who are  quick to denounce sin seem to have no problem sinning themselves - by putting up a photo of the holy Monsignor Vincent Foy and claiming it is the face of the evil, homosexual Gregory Baum. What is even more vile, is that Mgr Foy has devoted his life to fighting the very evils that Baum has devoted his life to promoting. 

Catholics, demand this evil website apologise for this calumny. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri: the Synod WAS NOT to repeat the established teaching of the Church...

Lorenzo Cardinal Baldisseri spoke some very vague words when interviewed by Thomas Rosica, CSB. The Cardinal stated that the the Church must have an "update"; and further, that the Church must be made "incarnate into time". What does he mean?  The full interview, published on July 31, 2014, may be watched here. 


The obfuscation and vagueness in the interview is clarified in light of the Cardinal's extraordinary admission given this past January, 2015, as quoted on page 21 of Grzegorz Kucharczyk's, "We are not just a subsidiary of Rome" (e-book published by Polonia Christiana). 

"if the goal of the Synod was to repeat the established teaching of the Church and Church discipline, then the Synod would be meaningless". 

Obviously, St. Pope John Paul II's Familiaris Consortio does not have the final word for the eminent Cardinal Archbishop. From the interview, it seems that a new approach was and is being planned by a number of powerful churchmen on moral issues; especially on divorce and remarriage (Amoris Laetitia) and a change in attitude towards homosexuality (with clamouring churchmen demanding a change in the language, finding "intrinsically disordered" not to their liking. They have failed so far, but continue unabated in promoting homosexuality. e.g. the Jesuits with America and the Jesuit Post, Daniel P. Horan OP etc. to name a few...). 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Gregory the Sodomite: notorious Canadian ex-priest reveals that he is homosexual

Gregory Baum, one of Canada's arch-heretics, has revealed that he practiced sodomy. "Gregory the Sodomite" indulged in perverse sexual activities with another fellow apostate Judas-priest. WHo knows how many others? It was only a few years ago, that Thomas Rosica CSB interviewed this repulsive, evil man. I re-publish what I wrote for readers  so that they may refresh themselves with the disgraceful interview. 

Further information about Baum can be read at Vox Cantoris.  

According to Baum, homosexuality was about exploring its "meaning and power". Filthy, dirty, evil man. Rimming, fisting, golden showers, etc. - this is how these men "love" their "lovers". 

Just how many other practicing sodomites are in the clergy? How many are bishops? How many are Cardinals? Catholics need to know just where these "men" are coming from. 

"For not the soul only, but the body also of one who has been so treated, is disgraced, and deserves to be driven out everywhere. How many hells shall be enough for such? But if you scoff at hearing of hell and believest not that fire, remember Sodom". St. John Chrysostom

"... you have been for me and continue to be a real model of hope".  
Fr. Thomas Rosica, addressing ex-priest/dissident theologian, Professor Gregory Baum. 

The words quoted above are from the Witness video interview that aired October 11, 2012 on Salt and Light Television (Canada's "Catholic channel of hope").  This post is about the truth. Albeit it involves persons - for truth is actualized via the person - but it is not an ad hominem attack. Nor should it be construed as such. It is, to adopt a quote from Msgr. Vincent Foy, "a search for the truth" about the identity of S+ L. It is to ask questions about a public interview, which, as a result, has resulted in confusion and scandal; a serious questioning of the Catholic identity of S + L.

A little background. Back in the late 1960s, then Fr. Gregory Baum (having achieved some fame as a peritus at the Council) achieved far greater public notice in Canada with his opposition to Humanae vitae. Fr. Baum was amongst a number of well-known Canadian theologians who rebelled against the Pope with regard to Catholic morality (c.f. Foy, 1997). Msgr. Vincent Foy would eventually refer to the former priest as an "arch-dissenter" (Foy, p.33, 1997), a man who had  inflicted incalculable harm on the Church in Canada, particularly as a theological advisor to the dissenting Winnipeg StatementRegarding the 1968 attack and undermining of Humanae vitae, Msgr. Foy wrote: 'other signs of impending rebellion came from various dissident groups and from Fr. Gregory Baum, writing on August 1 in the Toronto Globe and Mail that "Catholics may follow their consciences" and that the Church could well be mistaken as it was not a case of infallible teaching' (Foy, pp.12-13).  The rebellion continued in the Church since the issuance of the encyclical. Indeed, given  wide spread dissent, the opposition of dissident theologians, the silence of priests in preaching and teaching on the sacredness of the marital act and the illicitness of contraception, the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith once again, in 1988, issued a statement on its evils. It is beyond this post to discuss Professor Baum's view of the Church, or his constantly evolving theology with respect to what is faith (immanentism), the authority of the Church, women as "priests" etc. It is enough to know that he was and remains a dissident in matters of faith and morals. 

 "Recently a group of priests from a European country issued a summons to disobedience, and at the same time gave concrete examples of the forms this disobedience might take, even to the point of disregarding definitive decisions of the Church’s Magisterium, such as the question of women’s ordination, for which Blessed Pope John Paul II stated irrevocably that the Church has received no authority from the Lord. Is disobedience a path of renewal for the Church"?

Much has been, and will continue to be written and discussed on the internet about the S+L interview. Fr. Rosica, in an attempt to quell the rising chorus of criticism, responded in a blog by critiquing Mr. Michael VorisThe blog entry was a serious miscalculation as it raised more questions without answering any (the combox being closed after a strong reaction against the Rosica-Baum interview). The fact is, the controversy is not about ex-Fr. Baum's being a peritus, nor is it - contrary to what Fr. Rosica may write - about Mr. Voris. It is about what actually was said in the interview.  Fr. Rosica did, in fact, admit this: "Let those who have eyes and ears to see and hear view the entire interview and not base judgments on others’ interpretation and distortion of my WITNESS interview with Professor Baum". We agree totallyAs such, keeping in mind Professor Baum's long history of dissent (e.g. Dominus Jesus), and with the mind of the Church, let us review a number of gravely disturbing statements made in this interview.

At the commencement of the interview, Fr. Rosica addressed him as follows:

"I've certainly admired very much your theology, your writings; but also your love of the Church, your love of Christ, and you help to keep alive - not only the spirit of the Second Vatican Council - but the authentic teaching of the Council". 

After a brief discussion of contemporary Catholicism and the rise of a return to orthodoxy, Fr. Rosica commented:

"... many of those who are on the front lines - the crusaders - of the orthodoxy today (I would call it a pseudo-orthodoxy) are among the most unhappy and sad and angry ..."

Developing from the discussion on the point of orthodoxy, Baum said: 

"I don't think that we need this enormous unanimity about everything in the Church... I think we are united in the Creed; we're united in the kind of vision that we have of the world, and we work together. But this kind of unanimity - you know - elements, doctrines that are quite removed from the Scriptures - I don't really think this is such a good formula". 

As the interview concluded - after having heard Professor Baum speak negatively about unity in the Faith [which is nothing but liberal-protestantism]; after Baum had just stated that the Church teaches doctrines not found in Sacred Scripture [ again, classical protestantism !!], Fr. Rosica addressed Baum thus: 

"... you remain a faithful, deeply devoted Catholic; you love Jesus, the Church, the Eucharist". 

What are we to make of all this? On the surface, this interview seems to portray Fr. Rosica as a man who leads with his emotions, not his intellect. While it is true that Pope Benedict can maintain a friendly relationship with Hans Kung, he is, nevertheless, aware of the theological differences between them. Fr. Rosica obviously has some positive feelings for Gregory Baum with whom he is a personal friend, and there is nothing wrong with that. Could it be  that he seems to be incapable of separating his feelings from the intellectual content of Baum's position? Might Fr. Rosica actually disapprove of Professor Baum's dissident theology? Or, does the problem with the interview go deeper?

Might it be Fr. Rosica approves of Baum's theology (or aspects of it)? Might it be Fr. Rosica's position that it is possible to believe that the Church teaches doctrines "removed from Scriptures" and yet be a "faithful, deeply devout Catholic"? If so, such a position is contrary to the teachings of the Church (c.f. commentary on Ad Tuendam Fidem). With his concluding remarks (as quoted above) is Fr. Rosica implying that one may be a faithful Catholic yet hold the views that Professor Baum does? Let us be quite honest: this is the thought that many will be left with. Others may  - at best - be utterly confused. Fr. Rosica has yet to explain himself.  He has yet to explain how a dissenter from the Faith can be a "real model of hope" for a Catholic - indeed, for a Catholic priest. The Church is our Mother and Teacher, to reject Her is to reject Christ. 

"...anyone who rejects propositions which are to be held definitively sets himself against the teaching of the Catholic Church." Ad Tuandem Fidem

This then begs the question: can Salt and Light continue to claim to be a "Catholic channel of hope", rooted in the teachings of the Church...? Tragically, unless Fr. Rosica explains himself, the answer is no. 

The Witness "Team"


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