Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

BOMBSHELL:Catholic teachers union promotes women as priests

OECTA formally denying an infallible teaching that belongs to the Deposit of the Faith. 

Women as priests? Yes, says Canada's largest Association of Catholic Teachers. The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) has for quite a few years formally supported  the heretical proposition of the "ordination" of women as priests in the Catholic Church. 

OECTA proposing action to promote heresy

Though Pope John Paul II reaffirmed Catholic doctrine that women cannot and never will be ordained to the sacramental priesthood, OECTA continues to promote the idea that women can be made, I should more accurately say, priestesses. 

Before we review OECTA's two formal HERETICAL statements, we need to review what the Church teaches and why OECTA's position is HERESY. 

In Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, Pope John Paul II wrote: 

Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church's divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32) I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful.

Further, A Dubium and Responsum clarified that this belief belongs to the Deposit of the Faith. 

We must now ask: how is it possible that 23 years after the formal declaration of the late sainted Pope, and the formal Responsum that this pertains to the Deposit of the Faith, as INFALLIBLE TEACHING, OECTA continues to promote Heresy? 

How is it possible that numerous Handbooks contain the same Heresy? 

How is it possible that Catholic teachers approve of Heresy? 

How is it possible that Catholic Boards of Education remain silent? 

How is it possible that the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Assocation is silent? 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

"James Martin S.J. blocked you" ~ how homosexual obsessed priest is trying to silence a young Catholic

On Monday of this week, James Martin S. J., arguably America's most prominent dissenter on homosexuality, blocked a young Catholic - "Irenaeus" on Twitter - for daring to tweet to him regarding the Jesuit priest's promotion of, and excusing of, homosexual behaviour.  

The above screen shot shows Irenaeus' comment.

Now, we come to James Martin S.J.'s response: 

James Martin S. J., is openly promoting sin as an alternate lifestyle. 

James Martin S.J. needs to come clean and explain why he is obsessed with homosexuality.

I have news for James Martin S.J. 

He will NOT silence Irenaeus.

Monday, 26 June 2017

EXPOSED: Patricia Minnan-Wong and the Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers support of the "LGBT" Agenda

Patricia Minnan-Wong (right) at the "gay pride parade". Patrick Brown (centre) is a nominal Catholic, who recently capitulated to homosexual intimidation and now attends "Pride" events.  

Patricia Minnan-Wong, the President of the Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers (TECT) attended yesterday's "gay pride parade" in Toronto. She is the President of an organization that has spiritual and intellectual control over innocent, young children, as "educators". That is the bad news. 

The rag-tag mob that attended the "gay pride parade" in Toronto.  Minnan-Wong is third from right. Second from right is 2nd VP of the TSU unit, Angela Tersigni. 

The good news is, that with all her efforts to get teachers down to the parade - a parade featuring full nudity, sacrilege, blasphemy, simulated and real sexual acts - barely a handful turned out. Interestingly, photo analysis of the crowds put the real estimate of attendance around the 50,000 range; and a large percentage themselves were mere amoral curiosity seekers, not homosexuals or lesbians themselves. 

Even a memo - abusively sent out as President of the TECT - failed to obtain the desired turnout. 

To try to increase OECTA participation, Minnan-Wong axtually sent out a memo via email to teachers on Tuesday, June, 20th, 2017 to try to cajole them into attending the gay pride parade. 

This memo to all "Assocation Representatives" was a gross misuse of her office. 

As a Catholic she is obligated before God and Christ's Church to defend true morality, not denigrate it by supporting (on tax payers money and time) so-called "gay pride". She should immediately resign, as should other executive members of OECTA units, such as Angela Tersigni, of TSU. 

Minnan-Wong's memo encouraging teachers to attend a parade that
Cardinal Collins has forbidden Catholic teachers to attend

Minnan-Wong, who according to the Province's "Sunshine List", earns in excess of $143,000 per year.  An increase of over 13% from the previous year. So there we are: $ 143,000 plus for NOT upholding the Catholic Faith! A massive, corrupt gravy train. 

Minnan-Wong's salary. All on the taxpayers dime. Disgraceful.  
It is believed that more and more teachers and Catholics are reading this blog (and other  blogs and Twitter Feeds), as we continue to expose the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Assocation (OECTA), as nothing but a militant, hard-left secular union. 

This blog, and others, have already exposed the ongoing scandal of not teaching the Catholic Faith in its purity. (e.g. we know that for years OECTA heretically supports the delusional idea AND HERETICAL PROPOSITION of trying to "ordain" women to the sacred priesthood). *

Angela Tersigni's "proud and United" tweet.
Commentary would be redundant. 

We have also exposed leading OECTA members who support for election to office pro-abortion candidates, re-tweet pro-abortion propaganda, tweet and/or re-tweet LGBT propoganda, and so on. 

Readers will know that last week, the Toronto Secondary Unit-OECTA (TSU) attempted to - unsuccessfully - block me on Twitter. 

Unfortunately for them, their social media skills are not savy (to say nothing of their ignorance of the technical aspects of how Twitter works). As such, their psychopathic cravings to control yet another person failed. Indeed, teachers are visiting this blog more and more to learn the real truth about OECTA: its dissent, its lies, its fraudulent so-called Catholicism. 

TECT calling on teachers to engage in other "ativities" besides attending the parade.
Precisely what "activities" did the TECT have in mind?

Be assured, dear readers, this blog (and others) will continue to expose OECTA for what it is: a dyspeptic, vile, secular union, that has abandoned the Catholic Faith for a humanist ideology consisting of a veneer of horizontal Christianity. This horizontalism has long been denounced by the Church (whom OECTA heretically terms "official spokespersons").  

More to come.... 

From OECTA's Handbook: 

3.111 That the Association support equal opportunity and treatment of all members of
the Roman Catholic church, including women and men, in matters pertaining to
service as a member of the clergy to make recommendations to eliminate gender discrimination in clergy ordination

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Emanuel Jacques: Toronto's Little Saint (1965-1977)

In 1977, Emanuel Jacques, was murdered after suffering many hours of homosexual rape in Toronto.  

Emanuel Jacques was the son of very poor Catholic Portuguese immigrants. Young Emanuel, to help his parents, made a few dollars by shining shoes on Toronto's Yonge Street. Sadly, the little boy came to the attention of the demonic, perverted lust of four homosexuals, who abducted, sodomized and murdered the innocent young boy after twelve hours of sexual abuse and homosexual rape. Emanuel was eventually drowned by two of the four, who held our little saint's head in a sink of water. 

May Emanuel's soul rest in peace. Please, during this time  - on this dark and wicked weekend - reflect on the death of this innocent child, done to death by evil, perverted men.

Pray too for the conversion of the homosexuals who raped and murdered him. Pray for the conversion of all those "Catholics" and "Christians" who have been seduced by homosexual propoganda into believing it is just an alternate lifestyle. No, it is one of four sins that cry to Heaven for vengence; without repentence, it will put the homosexual in Hell. 

Emanuel Jacques, pray for us

The Real Face of Homosexuality ~ blasphemy against God and the mockery of Holy Matrimony leads to madness and murder

Sin leads to madness - James Martin S.J. 

Pro-homosexual propaganda advocated by Judas-priest, Edward Beck 
The real face of homosexuality in Toronto will not be the innumerable obscene and disgusting photos of naked "men" in the annual "Gay Pride Parade".  This disgusting spectacle, is nothing but a demonic outburst of those who, if they do not repent, will spend eternity in Hell. Hell will not only be populated with unrepentant practicing homosexuals, but a pride of place will be had for churchmen who enable, encourage, excuse the addictive vice of sodomy. 

The fascist Toronto Police promoting homosexualism
During and since, the Synod of the Family, we have heard an increase of excuses and pandering for the sin of homosexuality from churchmen. This noise of apology has only increased since the Islamic attack on a homosexual nightclub in Orlando. Celebrity priests and sniveling, treacherous bishops have fallen over themselves to fawn and pander to the homosexual "community". James Martin S.J., a leading homosexualist celebrity Judas-priest has distinguished himself in promoting unnatural vice. 

Pro-homosexual propaganda advocated by Judas-priest, James Martin S.J. 

Determined not to be outdone, "Fr". Edward Beck.  Beck, in his latest article in Crux outdoes even himself with his excusing and promotion of homosexuality. Like James Martin, he is a Judas, a malefactor, a killer of souls. He is evil. 

Edward Beck, and so many other clerical betrayers of Our Lord will not tell you what the real face of homosexuality is. 

Homosexual mocking of Catholic Nuns 

Anti-Catholic bigoted homosexual pervert mocking Catholic nuns
at an official Toronto Police event for the "Gay Pride Parade". 

I will. For those who live in Toronto, the real face of homosexual horror is Emanuel Jacques.  

Emanuel Jacques was the son of very poor Catholic Portuguese immigrants. Young Emanuel, to help his parents, made a few dollars by shining shoes on Toronto's Yonge Street. Sadly, the little boy came to the attention of the demonic, perverted lust of homosexuals, who abducted, sodomized and murdered the innocent young boy after hours of homosexual rape. This happened in 1977. 

"LBGT" church in Toronto - run by Gilles Mongeau S.J. 
This weekend in Toronto, the Prime Minister, the Premier of Ontario, the Mayor of Toronto, the Chief of Police will be gathering in Toronto for the annual "Gay Pride Parade". This parade will be endorsed by banks and powerful financial interests; it will be endorsed by media, by the establishment. 

For all that, there will be nothing "gay" about this event to "celebrate" one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance. There will be nothing to be "proud" of in celebrating an outpouring of hatred towards God, Holy Matrimony and the sacredness and beauty of sexual love between a man and a woman united in and through Christ, the Eternal Bridegroom.  

Emanuel Jacques, pray for us

Saturday, 24 June 2017

BOMBSHELL: CATHOLIC TEACHERS, SEX , STRIP and GAY CLUBS ! ~ how Toronto's Catholic teachers have gone LGBT

In a few hours, Ontario's Catholic Teachers will be marching officially in a "gay pride parade" that will feature sadomasochism, real and simulated sexual acts between men with men, and women with women, full nudity, profanity, child abuse (yes, bringing children to "dyke Marches" and "gay pride parades" is abuse), sacrilege and blasphemy. 

This "gay pride parade" in Toronto, has a number of sponsors. Most prominent amongst them: gay bars and clubs, sex clubs, and Toronto's most notorious strip club - the Zanzibar - are all proud sponsors. 

None of this has incommoded the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association. Nor has it concerned the Ontario Catholic Schools Trustees Association, or the Toronto District Catholic District School Board and its Executive. In fact, the Toronto Secondary Unit (TSU) and the Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers (TECT) are all marching in the parade.

The TCDSB is absolutely silent. How could it be otherwise, as it is itself homophile and pro-LGTB. Are not "gay" Rainbow flags displayed in Catholic high schools in Toronto? Is not the Board, (as with other Boards and Trustees) silent as dissent is spread unopposed?

But it goes even worse. Far worse. None of this has disturbed the priests who service these organizations. They are silent. Let readers draw their own conclusions as to why. 

So here we are, a few hours away from the gay pride parade, and OECTA, the Trustees and the Boards have all capitulated to the psychological terrorism of homosexual organizations and are dutifully genuflecting before the LGBT agenda. 

Indeed to such an extent is OECTA groveling, that they are willing to turn a blind eye to the blatant misogyny of the infamous Toronto strip club, the Zanzibar, which is a proud business sponsor of the gay pride parade. 

The fact that women will display their naked bodies before (presumably - but who knows these days) men, who burn with impure lust, is irrelevant to the women (and generally they are women) who run the strident union. Say what they want, these women are hypocrites and themselves real, true misogynists. 

Catholics, wake up! Parents, wake up! 

Should I say: "priests wake up?!" Or, is it too late for them? 

Really one must ask: when priests are silent before teachers who are promoting homosexuality, the immediate question that comes to mind is: "Why? Is he a homosexual? Is he a practicing homosexual"? 

Catholics needs to start asking these very serious questions. We have to know just where these priests are coming from. 

 Finally, please pray for Cardinal Collins; that he be brave and take the steps that courageous bishops such as Bishops Paprocki, Morlino and Sample have taken in the face of aggressive, dissenting, soul destroying groups. 

Pray that the Cardinal begins to defend the innocent souls of children from these wolves, from these corrupters!

p.s. If you find any of these screenshots offensive, take it up with OECTA. One must presume if they found these sponsors offensive, they would not be marching. Or, if that does not suit your fancy, take it up with the priests who endorsed these people to become "Catholic" teachers. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Fr. John O'Connor "The Gay Liberation Movement and Pedophilia" (Part 4)

Witness presents the fourth installment of Fr. John O'Connor's "The Homosexual Conspiracy against the Catholic Church", his landmark and prophetic analysis of homosexuality and the LGBT agenda. In this part, he deals with the connection between homosexuality, the abuse of children and the some of the ideological long-term goals of the so-called "gay liberation movement". 

Given the homosexual infiltration of the Church we should not be too surprised that so many Catholic schools, Catholic Trustees, and Boards etc., have all succumbed to the siren call of the LGBT agenda. Recall, dear readers that priests sign the papers of those who become teachers in any Catholic system. So when you see a bad teacher you know where the priest who signed that teacher's papers was coming from. When you see priests silent as teachers promote the "gay" agenda" and hoist so-called "Rainbow" flags on innocent children you know what kind of a priest he is. You know what kind of priests you have in Ontario (for example), when you have near universal silence as these flags are placed in one school after another. 

Fr. O'Connor reminds us of the fact that there is a connection between homosexuality and pedophilia. Though for public propaganda purposes, "mainstream" homosexual propagandists deny this; the fact is that the evidence speaks for itself. For example, the vast, vast majority of abuse by homosexual priests is directed at young boys, barely out of puberty. In recent years, the more open pedophilia organizations, such as NAMBLA, have morphed into online and other groups more discreetly pushing the abuse of boys under the guise of "love". 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

WOMEN AS SEX OBJECTS: Catholic teachers, OECTA and the Zanzibar Tavern

A notorious strip club as a proud business sponsor; a Catholic teachers union. What do they have in common? You would think nothing. But you would be wrong. They both have the upcoming "gay Pride parade" in Toronto in common. 

The Zanzibar Tavern, arguably the most infamous strip club in Toronto is a "proud  business supporter" of "Pride Toronto". The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association OECTA, (and its various regional entities such as: Peel-Dufferin, York, Toronto Secondary Unit, Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers) are proud marchers in the Parade (and smaller, local ones). 

OECTA claims that it defends women, that it stands for respect, dignity of the human person. I ask as a Christian: what the Zanzibar Tavern stands for, its business (if we can call it that) that degrades women; reducing them to mere sex objects for the lustful desires of men is gravely sinful.

OECTA claims it is "feminist".  Maybe I am naive, but perhaps "feminism" includes the "empowerment" of women to strip naked in front of strange men as mere pieces of meat for the man's sinful pleasure? Not being a feminist, I do not know. Perhaps OECTA, the Catholic Trustees Association of Ontario (who has been SILENT on OECTA's homophilia), or one of the various "Catholic" Boards will enlighten me and readers of this blog.  

Dear friends, if you did not know, you know now. OECTA and its talk about human dignity, respect etc. is all a fraud and lies. If they really respected women, they would - for this reason alone - pull out immediately from "Pride Toronto" and its notorious parade (replete with nudity, sadomasochism, simulated and real "sex" etc.). 

James Ryan, Past President of OECTA, is on record claiming that he supports homosexuals being chaste. Based on the sponsors of the Pride Toronto perhaps he can explain how the sponsorship of Strip clubs, sex clubs, gay bars etc. promotes chastity? Could he explain why he disobeyed Cardinal Collins and rammed OECTA into the gay pride parades, with all their promotion of rampant promiscuous, perverted sexual behaviour?

Is OECTA so intimidated by the gay lobby, that it will march in a parade sponsored by -arguably - Toronto's most notorious and sexist business establishment? Where are all the feminist women (wymyn) teachers? 

Well Ann Hawkins? Well Angela Tersigni? 

Well women members of various "Catholic" Trustee Associations and "Catholic" Boards? 

I guess your support for the LGBT lobby outweighs any misgivings you may have about women being reduced to sex objects. 

Hypocrites all of you!!!
So now we know. Not only is OECTA homosexualist, but also sexist. Really though, no surprise. When you take up one perversion, another is soon to follow.  Just what is this obsession to support pan-sexuality and perversion by these teachers?

But, perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps OECTA is aware of the Zanzibar Tavern being a business sponsor and has no objections?  If OECTA marches on Sunday, readers can draw their own conclusions.