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"As Jesus, I will use the stick against pedophile priests...and even bishops and cardinals...and others, more numerous keep silent....I find this situation intolerable"

I am a loyal son of the Church... today, we forget everything, even the Magisterium of the Church" Pope Francis

Sunday, August 17, 2014

St. Hyacintus (Jacek) Odrowaz

St. Hyacintus

Saint Hyacinth, whom ecclesiastical writers are rightly wont to call the apostle of the north and one of the wonder-workers of his century, was of the house of the Odrowaz, counts of Konski, an old and noble Polish family. Some of his ancestors enjoyed palatine rights. To his line also belonged a number of military officers whose bravery and patriotism more than once proved their country's bulwark against invasions by barbarian hordes. 

His great-grandfather, Saul Odrowaz, defeated the enemy in several bloody engagements. The saint's grandfather, Saul Odrowaz, who gained an enviable reputation for courage by his martial exploits in the twelfth century, had two sons. Ivo, the younger, studied for the ministry, filled the office of chancellor for the king of Poland, became bishop of Cracow, and died with a great reputation for sanctity. Eustachius, the elder, married a lady whose piety ranked with her birth. God seems to have blessed their union with a fine family. Hyacinth, of whom we now write, was the eldest. According to the more common opinion he first saw the light of day in 1185. His birthplace was the Castle of Lanka, Kamin, in Silesian Poland, now a part of Prussia. The next sketch will be of a younger brother, or at least a near relative, Blessed Ceslas.

Almost from the cradle, nature seemed to have disposed Hyacinth to virtue. His parents not only studiously fostered this happy disposition, but also used great care to procure for their son teachers who would protect his innocence. In this way, he was so well grounded in his religious duties that he passed through his higher studies at Cracow, Prague, and Bologna, without tarnish to his pure soul. Doubtless his model life had not a little to do in helping him to win the admiration of both his professors and fellow-students. God also blessed him with, a splendid mind. Thus, through diligent study, at Bologna he obtained the degree of doctor in canon law and theology...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady: Latin Mass for Toronto in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

A Missa Cantata will be celebrated in Richmond Hill, this coming Friday, August 15th, for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Mass is being organized by Una Voce Toronto - The Traditional Toronto Mass Society. Further information may be obtained here

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Christians in Iraq are the "new Jews"

The genocidal horror that we are witnessing being committed against the last remnants of the Christian communities in Iraq reflects the horror of the SS death squads on the eastern front.... once again, the world is sitting by....

URGENT: Archdiocese of Toronto endorses a public protest against the persecution of Iraqi Christians

Today, this very afternoon - please be present in person - if possible - if not, please unite in prayer. 

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His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins has taken a strong, public stance against this murderous persecution. The above poster is reproduced from the Twitter feed of the Archdiocese. No copyright is identified; I reproduce it here in the same spirit of the Archdiocese. It is wonderful to see the inclusion of the now tragic letter "Nun"; the Cardinal joining with those who have taken this now tragic letter as a badge of honour: I am a Christian...."

Pope Francis: "Iraq leave us in dismay and disbelief..."

Pope Francis: Angelus Address, Sunday August 10, 2014

"The news reports coming from Iraq leave us in dismay and disbelief: 

thousands of people, including many Christians, driven from their homes in a brutal manner; children dying of thirst and hunger in their flight; 

women taken and carried off; violence every kind; destruction of historical, cultural and religious patrimonies. 

All this gravely offends God and humanity. Hatred is not to be carried in the name of God! War is not to be waged in the name of God!" 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pope Francis is praying for Iraqi Christians

His Holiness, Pope Francis on July 20th, during an Angelus Address spoke out on the persecution of Christians in Iraq. Listen to his heart-rending call for prayer. 


Saddam Hussein: Protector of Iraqi Christians

Saddam Hussein defending himself at his show trial
The late President Saddam Hussein, hurriedly executed during the night, was a protector of minorities in Iraq. He was a tyrant, but for Christians he was a benevolent tyrant. Christianity in what is present day Iraq, goes back to the first century. Ethnically Assyrian, a  Christian who steered clear of Ba'athist politics, merely wishing to go to church with his wife and children, return home safely from work each day, could do so. His wife could be in public without Islamist dress and be unmolested. His children playing on the street, or returning home from school did not fear abduction.  His home would not be spray painted with the gruesome nazi-like "nun" letter, identifying him as a Christian to be exterminated. Yes, Saddam Hussein was good for Iraqi Christians. 

And, he was also good for Muslims. He firmly kept a lid on any Islamist movements that - as we now well know - take great delight in exterminating those who do not share their brand of Islam, or hold the Christian Faith. 

Bush and Blair having a laugh
Having said that, it is becoming very plainly clear that George W. Bush and Tony Bair were very bad for Iraq; very, very bad for the Christian communities. And, indeed, very bad for the Muslim communities. In directing, permitting, being manipulated by evil men into a war that both Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict both opposed - launching it on the eve of the Feast if St. Joseph -  these two opened the door to the worst elements of ISIS Islamist brutality that have been responsible for the deaths of over 300,000 Iraqis (the vast majority moderate Muslims). It may well be that these two "Christians" achieve what Islamist fanatics over the centuries could not: the total elimination of Christianity from Iraq, and eventually the Middle East. Was it all planned by some secret hand? One wonders who actually sits in the State Department and White Hall... for, at the same time, it must be conceded that Presidents and Prime Ministers are invariably puppets. I ask: who are the puppet masters? 

After 12 years of "war", we see the poor country of Iraq still engulfed in a bloodbath. We now have the specter of ISIS being active, not only in Iraq, but in Syria and Lebanon. 

There can be no doubt: Christians in Iraq would not be being massacred today if President Hussein were still in power. 

Recommended Reading: Christians for Saddam? 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Immodesty and the need for purity

There are many arguments why the closing Glasgow Games contained grossly immodest performances. My dear friend, Susan Fox provides a serious reflection on immodesty. It is tragic to see so many people who claim to be Christian, yet support such gross immodesty. Again, i ask: would our Lady dress immodestly, would Our Lord attend such vulgar performances?