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Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity. Precisely because all the articles of faith are interconnected, to deny one of them, even of those that seem least important, is tantamount to distorting the whole" Lumen Fidei, Pope Francis/Pope Benedict XVI

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why Pope Francis can never surrender to the Adulterists and Homosexualists without contradicting himself

According to Professor Fr. Tadesuz Guz, KUL., the false teachings on marriage (and homosexuality) by a number of bishops at the recent Synod of the Family, was and is based upon a complete misunderstanding of God as ens realissimum. German Idealism, Schelling, Hegel etc. is a perversion of the Catholic and realistic understanding of God as unchangeable. According to Fr. Guz, it is this philosophical idealism that is  infecting the minds of a number of churchmen, and unhinging them from Catholic reality. 

The following three paragraphs confirm the "Guzian" thesis a priori. Pope Francis implicitly outlines in these paragraphs why it is impossible for the Catholic Church to accept the false theories of the Adulterist and Homosexualist parties. These three passages are, unwittingly, a mighty condemnation of the various manipulators who would claim to detach pastoral praxis from doctrine. 

From Evangelii Gaudium:  

231. There also exists a constant tension between ideas and realities. Realities simply are, whereas ideas are worked out. There has to be continuous dialogue between the two, lest ideas become detached from realities. It is dangerous to dwell in the realm of words alone, of images and rhetoric. So a third principle comes into play: realities are greater than ideas. This calls for rejecting the various means of masking reality: angelic forms of purity, dictatorships of relativism, empty rhetoric, objectives more ideal than real, brands of ahistorical fundamentalism, ethical systems bereft of kindness, intellectual discourse bereft of wisdom.

232. Ideas – conceptual elaborations – are at the service of communication, understanding, and praxis. Ideas disconnected from realities give rise to ineffectual forms of idealism and nominalism, capable at most of classifying and defining, but certainly not calling to action. What calls us to action are realities illuminated by reason. Formal nominalism has to give way to harmonious objectivity. Otherwise, the truth is manipulated, cosmetics take the place of real care for our bodies.[185] We have politicians – and even religious leaders – who wonder why people do not understand and follow them, since their proposals are so clear and logical. Perhaps it is because they are stuck in the realm of pure ideas and end up reducing politics or faith to rhetoric. Others have left simplicity behind and have imported a rationality foreign to most people.

233. Realities are greater than ideas. This principle has to do with incarnation of the word and its being put into practice: “By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is from God” (1 Jn 4:2). The principle of reality, of a word already made flesh and constantly striving to take flesh anew, is essential to evangelization. It helps us to see that the Church’s history is a history of salvation, to be mindful of those saints who inculturated the Gospel in the life of our peoples and to reap the fruits of the Church’s rich bimillennial tradition, without pretending to come up with a system of thought detached from this treasury, as if we wanted to reinvent the Gospel. At the same time, this principle impels us to put the word into practice, to perform works of justice and charity which make that word fruitful. Not to put the word into practice, not to make it reality, is to build on sand, to remain in the realm of pure ideas and to end up in a lifeless and unfruitful self-centredness and gnosticism.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Greetings from Msgr. Vincent Foy

December 2014

Dear Friends,

This year I am grateful to have celebrated my 75th Ordination Anniversary and my 99th birthday. Many thanks to all who made my 75th a memorable occasion. I was very happy to have Cardinal Collins, so many clergy, friends and family in attendance.

Besides correspondence, an address for my 75th Ordination Anniversary and a few letters to the editor, this year I have not been able to do much writing. However, I am happy to now have much material uploaded onto my website: “The Selected Writings of Msgr. Vincent Foy” www.msgrfoy.com.
As the years pass, I am told that I say, “I think I am dying”, with increasing vigor. Although we don’t know if I will make it to my 100th birthday, I am in my 100th year and we have much planned and ready for my funeral. I keep saying, ‘Just don’t bury me alive.”

I am currently reviewing the book, Remaining in the Truth of Christ – Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church, featuring his Eminence Raymond Burke.
God has allowed me the great gift of continuing to celebrate daily Mass. I pray for you and God’s blessings upon you.

Remaining in the truth of Christ,

Msgr. Vincent Foy

LCWR dissident nuns continue unashamedly their revolt against Christ and His Church

Now that the Roman authorities have washed their hands of one investigation into the American "nuns", what of the remaining investigation of the dissident and feminist LCWR nuns organization by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith? Are these faithful, humble "nuns"? Let these photos of the "nuns" and their supporters answer the question. 

Needless to say, these poor, pathetic "nuns" are also organizing a petition - as if the Church and Her truths are based on opinion... 

BREAKING NEWS: Church of England appoints first "bishopess", completing the apostasy

Pope Benedict celebrating Mass. Westminster Cathedral
Photo: Eddie Mulholland
Unrepentant sin only hardens the sinner. Heresy builds upon heresy. So it is with the apostate Church of England. This false sect, founded on the lustful desires of a debauched Monarch, this day, has irrevocably tottered into complete and final apostasy. Though retaining the sacrament of baptism and matrimony (though this sacrament is now under diabolical attack by homosexualists, including the  "Right Rev Bishopess" Linda Nicholls of Toronto who advocates for one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance), the Church of England is devoid of Grace, and is, in the words of Archbishop Sheehan "a broken cistern from which the waters of life have long since vanished". 

And so, today, this tragic sect, has dared to try to "appoint" a woman as a "bishopess". 

Please pray for those still within the Church of England that they reject this evil and come back home to Rome, Mother and Mistress of all churches. Back over 100 years ago, the venerable Leo XIII addressed Anglicans, imploring them to deepen themselves in history and to return to unity. In our day, Pope Benedict XVI gave a great gift to the Church: Anglicanorum coetibus. This gesture was the greatest ecumenical act since the sad days of the so-called "Reformation". 

We can do our part by vigorously supporting with prayers and money those Catholics who constitute the Ordinariate. In Toronto we have the wonderful parish of St. Thomas More. Please support these good people. 

The Holy See Press Office ~ a tool used by the "wolves" to undermine the Papacy and the Church

“Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”
Pope Benedict XVI

The Crucifixion of St. Peter
I am not an admirer of the men who control the Holy See Press Office. Since the departure of Joaquin Navarro-Valls, and it falling under the control of Frederico Lombardi, S.J., the HSPO has become an ideological mouthpiece for a particular theological outlook. 

It was a tragedy that Lombardi remained in control over the HSPO during the reign of Pope Benedict; given the inclinations of Pope Francis to improvise and extemporize off-the-cuff statements, all the more reason for a well-seasoned, dedicated servant of the Pope (and not ideology) to ensure the truth is communicated quickly without ambiguity to - usually - a very hostile media. Fr. Lombardi has been assisted in much of the damage that he has, and is creating, by his English-language assistant, Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB., (who is on record as claiming that Lombardi is his mentor and friend). 

Fr. Rosica has also not hidden his admiration and support of the gang of bishops whom Gerhard Cardinal Muller has identified as proposing a "Christological heresy" vis-a-vis uncoupling pastoral praxis from doctrine. It is also scandalous from a journalistic perspective: Rosica does not even pretend to be neutral with regards to the clash between the innovators and the upholders of Catholic doctrine (as if one can be neutral between truth and falsehood). It is also interesting that neither Lombardi or Rosica have ever been a parish priest. They are clerical careerists. It may be news to Fr. Rosica, but Raymond Cardinal Burke - whom his assistant rudely insulted on TVO's The Agenda - actually was a pastor of souls for many, many years. But more on the "theological" content of this shameful interview in the near future which contained gleeful support for the un-Catholic position on homosexuality as inserted behind the backs of the synod fathers (this, confirmed by many fathers, e.g. the Major Archbishop of Lvov, the Archbishop of Poznan etc.) by Anthony Sparado, S.J. 

An example of a particularly egregious and monstrous manipulation by the Holy See Press Office, was its silence on the Holy Father's address to the European bishops. Was it not less than a month ago, that the Pope spoke out about the grave spiritual and moral crisis engulfing Europe before the European bishops? And Frs. Lombardi and Rosica? Silence. Not a word. When the Holy Father spoke before the European Parliament; again, condemning abortion, euthanasia and so on..... what did we hear from these men? 

Earlier, after the Synod, what did we hear? Readers of Fr. Rosica's Twitter feed (and yes, I am still able to read it, even after being "excommunicated" from it, along with Vox Cantoris. Just as those who dared to add to the pompous and boastful Wikipedia entry on Rosica  about his laudatory interview with Gregory Baum were censored by a person/s who wished this interview hidden) will notice no mention of the concerns raised by such churchmen as: Cardinals Muller, De Paolis, Scola, Burke, Napier, Ouellet, Collins (of which a post will be published on this blog of His Eminence's support of Catholic doctrine); Archbishop Gadecki, and many, many others. 

The major interview by Polonia Christiana with Bishop Schneider - which this blog broke to the English-speaking world - was not mentioned by these manipulators in favour of the adulterist and homosexualist positions. Fr. Rosica was far more busy tweeting blasphemously that the Holy Family was "irregular". He has since been rebuked and corrected by our Holy Father. 

To date, the outstanding example of censorship and manipulation of information by agents of the Holy See Press Office is their silence on the interview given by Cardinal Muller with the Polish language, Nasz Dziennik, that I translated and published on this blog (attracting thousands of reads within a few days by information starved Catholics). It was never mentioned by Fr. Rosica; even though this same post was linked to and reviewed by not only Vatican Insider (which we know Fr. Rosica reads), but other Italian and German news agencies. Rosica's silence regarding the very, very grave and serious concerns raised by the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith speaks volumes. That Cardinal Muller has, since that interview, on a number of occasions, spoken out against this ominous false praxis as a heresy. Again, the silence, the manipulation, the vile scheming by men in the HSPO tells us of their inclinations...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Martin Luther: his false conception of God and Salvation gave rise to the most terrible evils - communism, nazism, genderism...

Fr. Tadeusz Guz, KUL
Catholics, Christians and men of good will need to understand the the terrible evils that Martin Luther unleashed upon the Church and the world. Heresy, because it attacks our spiritual life, will - as we are body and soul - quickly spill over into our temporal, material life. Heresy, has terrible, practical consequences. It destroys not only the soul, but the body, society, physical creation. 

We need to understand the terrible ideology of Luther, as even Catholic priests manifest shocking ignorance of the heresiarch's thinking and baneful influence. It can be said - objectively speaking - based on the effects and long-term results of Luther's revolt against Christ and His Church, that the sad man was one of the most evil men in history. Luther, along with other markedly wicked men, such as Julian the Apostate and Mohammed, have been, and will continue to be, regarded as precursors of the Man of Perdition, the Antichrist. In each of these extraordinarily evil men we see some element of the diabolical, which will be reflected in a more complete manner in the Man of Sin. 

The scholar, Fr. Tadeusz Guz, Professor of Philosophy from the Catholic University of Lublin, has this to say about the evil influence of Luther:

The entire philosophy, whether it be British empiricism, or pantheism, or German idealism, or French materialism French, or German materialism, hence Marx and Engels, and then Communism, Nazism, Genderism - to whom do they refer? To the reformation of Martin Luther. And this, which was my passionate interest, to  the absorb the theory of Marxism and Leninism, I had to turn to Hegel and studied it page by page, volume after volume. What did I read? What Martin Luther concluded was in Protestant faith and feeling, I wanted to see in philosophy. 

What did Karl Marx along with Engels say in their early writings? What Martin Luther presented to us in the Reformation, we want to include it in the concept of politics. 

What did Sigmund Freud say? What Martin Luther wrote in his theology, I want to include in psychoanalysis. 

And what did the Communists say, led by Lenin? What Luther preceded us with, we want to lead the global revolution in politics. 

And what did Hitler write about and his closest associates in the Third Reich? What Luther began, we want to continue. 

I will give one example: Luther is the greatest broad-based anti-Semite within Christianity, who wrote two anti-Semitic works, about which are generally not spoken about. One work is "Against the Jews and their Lies". Under this guise, he writes that there were certain Jews who demanded an unfair judgment of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is, however, only a cover of Martin Luther's. He simply asks for the theft from Jews of gold, silver and all their possessions, to commit arson on all of the synagogues in Germany, to impose on them the burden of the most primitive labour, and if not wished, to expel them, because they do not have the right to exist. 

What happened during the Third Reich? One of the Protestant bishops published in the hundreds of thousands, an edition of the work of  Luther, in which were chosen the most violent passages. As he was a Protestant bishop, he published it in a very large circulation. The Third Reich's programme of anti-Semitism relied on the anti-Semitism of Martin Luther. Do you know, ladies and gentlemen, exactly when the fires on all the synagogues in the Third Reich were set? On the eve of Martin's birthday.

(Trans. Barona)

One must ask again, how can men, claiming to be priests, laud such a man? How can they dare to approve of placing him amongst the saints? 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

James Martin S.J. and Thomas Rosica, CSB: the putting of the Mass-hating, heresiarch Martin Luther amongst the Catholic saints

Now, we have James Martin. S.J., and Thomas Rosica, CSB., (respectively) tweeting and retweeting a painting which includes the vile, Mass-hating Martin Luther. How can Catholic priests take to such an evil man? How can they approve of such a blasphemous painting? Perhaps because they themselves are spiritual descendants of the arch-heretic, and are imbued with German protestant idealism, such as Schelling and Hegel via Heidegger to Karl Rahner? It should come as no surprise that Rosica's Salt and Light considers the Lutheran heretical sect, a "church".  

From the Smalcald Articles by Martin Luther. Article II: Of the Mass: 

That the Mass in the Papacy must be the greatest and most horrible abomination...it is but a pure invention of men...In addition to all this, this dragon's tail, [I mean] the Mass, has begotten a numerous vermin-brood of manifold idolatries....In short, the Mass itself and anything that proceeds from it, and anything that is attached to it, we cannot tolerate, but must condemn...

Is Salt and Light TV now Gallican? - Now we have the "Canadian Catholic Church"

This, from the Twitter feed of Salt and Light TV, your "Catholic voice of hope...". 

Not being a Gallican, I do not recognize this "Canadian Catholic Church". I know of no such "church". Is it some new sect? Is it a movement within the visible Church of undeclared schismatics and heretics? Is it organized and in rebellion against the true Church? Just who are these people? Does this sect have within it bishops and priests who have broken with the Bride of Christ? 

A reminder: it was just last year that the CEO of Salt and Light, Thomas Rosica, CSB., publicly expressed a conciliarist heterodox opinion, in keeping with this latest outburst of Gallicanism. 

As for me, my spiritual relationship is with my parish priest, my bishop and the Pope. 

Naturally, a rebellion in one area, inevitably leads to rebellion in others: Salt and Light, unlike the Catholic Church, recognizes the Lutherans and Anglicans as "churches"; when, in fact, they are merely ecclesial bodies, devoid of sacramental economy, lacking the priesthood and episcopate. 

This fact was completely hidden from view in the disgraceful irenicist "ecumenical" gathering filmed and promoted by Salt and Light with the heretical Anglicans. This gathering also included a "bishopess" who distinguished her moral depravity by being actively involved in the promotion of the "alternative lifestyle" to the degree that this same "Church of England" will formally recognize this evil in its law and services in the near future. None of this was mentioned by Salt and Light. Light? No, darkness, the deliberate turning of the eye to evil.