Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Papal Preacher Cantalamessa: A preacher of heresies ~ "...never allow a moral issue like that of sexuality to divide us..."

"Against the Roman Church, you warned, lying teachers are rising, introducing ruinous sects, and drawing upon themselves speedy doom. Their tongues are fire, a restless evil, full of deadly poison".
Pope Leo X, Exsurge Domine 

It is hard to know where to begin. When the Papal Preacher is preaching heresy, glorifying protestantism, claiming that a "moral issue like that of sexuality" should never divide us", that the "Christian world" is "preparing to celebrate" the Reformation... truly we have encountered a priest who is worse than these poor separated brethren. 

The separated brethren at least have an excuse: a protestant upbringing etc. What excuse does Cantalamessa have? Did he not have Catholic parents, attend a Catholic school, go to a Catholic seminary? What has caused this man to fall into religious indifferentism? I ask all readers of this blog to carefully read and study Cantalmessa's speech. Can you imagine Sts. Louis de Montfort or Maximilian Kolbe preaching the same? 

This is not the first time that the Papal Preacher has indulged in tickling the ears of the Faithful with foreign ideas. Vox Cantoris exposed his errors back in 2013. 

In addressing adherents to the Church of England, Cantalamessa, glossed over what Pope Leo XIII spoke of as a "grievous wound" in Amantissima Voluntatis, and lied to the separated Anglicans about being a "via media" between the "churches". Is Cantalamessa not even aware that the Second Vatican Council explicitly addressed these separated brethren as members of ecclesial bodies? Only the schismatic Orthodox may be referred to as a "church"; for though in schism, the eastern brethren posses a valid episcopate, priesthood and sacramental economy. The ecclesial bodies of the West, following the sad days of the 16th century, no longer possess valid Orders, do not have a priesthood. 

Now, let us proceed to the outrages, the abominable heresies uttered by this liar and preacher of the doctrine of devils, this Papal Preacher, Fr. Cantalmessa: 

"The Christian world is preparing to celebrate the fifth centenary of the Protestant Reformation. It is vital for the whole Church that this opportunity is not wasted by people remaining prisoners of the past, trying to establish each other’s rights and wrongs".

Are we really preparing to celebrate schism and heresy, Fr. Cantalmessa? Do you really wish Christ to celebrate Belial? We really intend to celebrate error? You must be mad. But you are consistent. Yes, you are going to "celebrate" for truth and error is "wasted", and we should not concern ourselves with "rights and wrongs" - after all, they don't really matter. Do they, Fr. Cantalamessa? 

"The situation has dramatically changed since then". 

Yes, Fr. Cantalamessa here I can agree with you. The situation is changed: for the worse. Our poor separated brethren now preach in favour of the sin of sodom, contraception and other sins.... What have you to say on this point? Ah, I believe you do have something to tell us!: 

"We should never allow a moral issue like that of sexuality divide us more than love for Jesus Christ unites us".

Fr. Cantalmessa how can we love Jesus Christ if we reject His doctrine? You are preaching a false "love" of the world. You are preaching lies and falsehood. You are preaching that truth does not matter, as long as we have this mushy, sentimental "love" in our hearts. You are a heretic, a liar and a malefactor!

But, I see that you wish to now interject St. Paul; the great Apostle who denounced sexual sins and warned that the practioners of same will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Have you read the Book of Romans dear Fr. Cantalamessa? 

"We need to go back to the time of the Apostles: they faced a pre-Christian world, and we are facing a largely post-Christian world. When Paul wants to summarise the essence of the Christian message in one sentence, he does not say, “I proclaim this or that doctrine to you.” He says, “We preach Christ crucified” (1 Cor 1:23), and “We preach . . . Jesus Christ as Lord” (2 Cor 4:5). This is the real “articulus stantis et cadentis Ecclesiae”, the article by which the Church stands or falls".

Fr. Cantalamesa you are a liar! St. Paul did preach doctrine: preaching Christ Crucified is doctrine! You are a Judas priest!

"This does not mean ignoring the great theological and spiritual enrichment that came from the Reformation or desiring to go back to the time before it. It means instead allowing all of Christianity to benefit from its achievements..."

Blasphemy! Christ's Church is to "benefit" from heresy and error? Dear readers, notice how Cantalamessa expresses a further hatred for the doctrinal clarity that was professed by churchmen of long ago.

"...not imposing uniformity but aiming at what pope Francis calls 'reconciled diversities'."

Very interesting my dear Fr. Cantalamessa! Brilliantly put, "reconciled diversities". Are we now going to have "Catholic Modernism" or "Modernist Catholicism"? You tell us, dear Father. So, dear readers, the Papal Preacher is telling us: error and truth, lies and falsehood, Catholic doctrine and Modernist heresy - all reconciled in the counterchurch of the Antichrist and the False Prophet. 

"The Anglican Church has a special role in all of this. It has often defined itself as a “via media” (a Middle Way) between Roman Catholicism and Reformed Christianity. From being a “via media” in a static sense, it must now become more and more a via media in a dynamic sense, exercising an active function as a bridge between the Churches".

No, Fr. Cantalamessa, the Church of England is not a "church"; is is a broken cistern from which the waters of life have long since vanished!

Dear friends, cardinals and bishops should be storming the Pope's Office to demand the removal of this heretic, this Judas priest, this evil malefactor and deceiver! 

But they won't. In fact, Cardinals and bishops will be all coming out and proclaiming how lovely this heresy laden speech is. In doing so, they will be only confirming their own heresy.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Descent into Darkness: How the spirit of Freemasonry rules on Vatican Hill through ecumenical religious indifferentism

"They hated me without cause"
(St. John 15:25)

Vatican Radio has published again on the Paris Terror Attacks. Ever vigilant, the arch-modernists who control Vatican Radio, have ensured that the Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ is not mentioned. 

In the spirit of an insane ecumenical religious indifferentism (derived from the poisonous wellspring of Freemasonry) Vatican radio has again spoken out: the solution to the Islamic terror, the Islamic invasions is:"education". But not in Our Lord Jesus Christ, not in His beautiful doctrine, not in proclaiming Jesus Christ the only name under Heaven by which we are saved, not in striving to draw the Moslem way from his errors, from the false and pernicious heresies and evil doctrines taught by Mohommed, a man rightly seen by the Church as a precursor of the Antichrist, "a monster of cruelty, lust and rapacity". 

Rather, it is "education" in a spirit of ecumenical fantasy, of delusion, of indifferentism. Leave the poor Mohommedan in his error. It doesn't matter. Jesus Christ is God for the Christian, not God for the Mohommedan. But, it doesn't matter. Two and two is four for you, five for me, and so on. It doesn't matter. As long as we feel good, are nice to each other, each to his own truth, it doesn't matter. All that is essential is that we have gooey feelings in our hearts. Madness. Absolute madness. These churchmen who preach this (and implicitly they do, though they would deny it) are mad and leading millions of Catholics into perdition. 

It should be noted what Vatican Radio's motto is: "the voice of the Pope and the Church in dialogue with the world". There you have it! Dialogue. Our Lord did not dialogue, nor did the Apostles. We have seen where this "dialogue" has taken the Church and most Catholics, when engaging "the world". It has led, as we saw at the Synod, to dialogue with "the flesh and the devil". A logical step when flirting with the world.  

Do most Catholics really believe outside the Church there is no salvation? Do most Catholics believe that if an adherent to a false religion is saved, it is in spite of that religion? Do most Catholics believe in the absolute necessity to preach the Gospel to all mankind? Read the Gospels, then read these churchmen: they are not preaching the same Gospel. They are preaching a false Gospel, a counterfeit Gospel. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Why are the twittering priests so quiet on the most important refugee of all? ~ the unborn child!

The following post was published on September 7th 2015. As I reviewed the Twitter accounts of a number of priests who have suddenly taken up the cause of refugees, I felt it appropriate to put refugees in perspective: let us begin with the most important refugee of all: the unborn child. 

One must wonder why this sudden obsession. From whence it comes? Given that there are so, so many various and grave violations of human right, beginning with abortion that is met with a thundering silence: one must ask: why are these clerical talking heads so suddenly interested in people crossing from the Middle East, through Turkey, onto Greece, then into Germany, Austria etc.... and then - onto Canada, America? As an aside, I wonder how many of these refugees will reside at the former Basilian priests residence at St. Clair and Bathurst? I wonder how many will be put up at St. Martha House in Vatican City? Come to think of it, if the Pope returned to the papal apartments he could free up an entire floor for refugees. 


The unborn infant, about to be aborted in his or her "country" - the womb of the mother - is therefore in grave danger of being ejected through deathly violence from his or her "habitual residence" (c.f. Art. One; 1951 Refugee Convention). 

This tiny refugee, is so helpless, so vulnerable, that he is even unable to flee from the imminent persecution that will take his life. And there are hundreds of millions of these tiny, unseen refugees. Unable to flee, our little refugees are murdered in various ways. 

He may be killed with drugs, given to him to trick him to leave his residence and die. Or, he may be literally suctioned out of his residence like trash into a vacuum "cleaner". If his little head is too big, it will be crushed with forceps. Or, the assassin may decide to inject his helpless little body with saline; as the salt gets into his lungs he will suffocate and struggle. His little body will be horribly burned. It may take up to six hours for him to die this most painful death. Others may decide to kill little refugees with a sharp instrument of death and chop our little refugees up before vacuuming him out from his place of residence. 

Still others may induce a little refugee to begin to come out of her place of residence: the technique here is to locate her legs and drag her out of her residence feet first, then to viciously slaughter her by stabbing her through the back of the neck into her brain. Our little refugee dead, her brain is sucked out; her  skull collapses, she is completely removed and disposed of as trash, waste. Yes, human beings, created in God's image and likeness are reduced by our evil world to trash. 

I have a dream. I dream that the Church and all Christians and men of good will speak out as vocally as they are doing for other refugees who are far, far - infinitely so in less danger of persecution and death. And death: the most brutal, painful and sadistic death that is unimaginable!! 

I have another dream. I dream that one day the media will proclaim the truth about these little refugees, their humanity. 

Our only weapon now is the Rosary: the Queen of Heaven has given us the one tool, that we can use to fight the "red dragon" (c.f. Rev 12:3) who leads the charge of mass murder of these tiny unseen refugees: the dragon, who is the chief organizer and spreader of this conspiracy of silence, denial and lies about these little refugees. 

Two thousand years ago, this same dragon sought to murder a little unborn baby. Before this baby was born, the dragon already sought his death. God intervened and days after his birth, his parents fled as a refugee family to a distant land. This baby has a name: Jesus. He has a title, many titles. One is the Lord of Lord and King of Kings. And yet: He is the greatest of refugees. How we must love the refugee!

The dragon, the organizer of this mass murder of these helpless refugees has a name: Lucifer. He has a title: Satan. For he is the "prince of this world". He is pure evil and the father of lies. He is the father of the culture of death. And he is demanding from his slaves the human sacrifice to him of these little refugees, these unborn babies whose blood is crying to Heaven of Vengeance!

With the Rosary in hand we can make this dream a reality! The Queen of Heaven is calling to us to Her Crusade for Life: what are we waiting for? To arms!

The Pope should be a point of unity, not scandal ~ if the Pope throws in with the Adulterists it will lead to schism

Left, arch-modernist and Adulterist Party advocate,  Baldisseri
Popes are  Pontiffs: "bridge" builders. The Pope, the successor of Peter is to lend strength to his brethren and ensure unity in the Church. Not a false unity, (in reality a disunity) such as a tent covering all and every idea - such as the apostate Church of England. Where, in that false "church", every position is accepted: one can believe in the Real Presence and deny it, one can support the sin of sodom and deny it.

Incredibly, under this Pontificate, this breakdown in unity is becoming - nearly on a daily basis - more evident. Deniers are out there of course, and they will be there when the False Prophet comes. Indeed, these papalators will be the "elect" who will follow him as he builds his false, demonic, ecumenical counterchurch; the church of the Antichrist.

The latest scandal was the Pope's remarks at the Lutheran church in Rome. What did the Pope do? He caused grave scandal for the faithful in obfuscating Church teaching on the reception of the Most Holy Eucharist by those who are outside the Church. He poured confusion and hence, disunity into souls. When I am informed that what this Pope did, left devout Catholics "speechless"...this is truly disconcerting, a sure scandal; a Pope scandalizing the faithful, causing a breakdown in unity.

The Pope with arch-modernist and Adulterist Party propagandist
Antonio Spadaro, S.J. 
Does this Pope not know what he is doing? Why is he doing it? Is he preparing us for a schism? For a schism will come if he tries to force on the Church something that is against the Divine Law - the reception of Holy Communion by those in grave sin. Moreover, since it IS against the Divine Law, why is he not suppressing the heresy? To allow lawlessness, to allow heresy to be spoken is itself a sin. Ah, we are told, the Pope is "outing" the heretics. It is all part of a master plan to expose the evil doers! Am I really supposed to believe this fantasy?! Even if this be true, it would still be sinful and scandalous, for one cannot do evil that good may come of it. Allowing heretics to be loose in the Church; allowing them to openly profess heresy in the heart of Rome at a Synod, is truly unbelievable. Adding to this malady was the fact that these heresiarchs were cheered on from the sidelines by arch-modernist, clerico-media talking heads. 

It is a month after the Synod, and these evil malefactors are back in their sees, not removed. Moreover, the Pope himself has shown every sign as leaning towards the malefactors. If he has not: why has he refused - I shall say it again - REFUSED - to categorically uphold Familiaris Consortio? Has he not had two years to do so? 

Can not even papalators agree that the Pope has failed to uphold this doctrine? Apparently not. If he brings in this great "Christological heresy" (c.f Cardinal Muller), that is against "Divine Law" (c.f. Cardinal Sarah), I guarantee that the papalators - believing every word and action out of the Pope's mouth is from God - will follow the Pope into heresy and excuse him. Logically, the same blindness, foolishness would apply to any other heretical innovation. 

Friends, barring a recantation and realization that what he is doing is wrong, the Pope of Rome is leading us towards a schism. Be prepared.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Freemasonry and the Vatican: papal letter of condolences to Mali following terror attack DOES NOT mention Our Lord Jesus Christ

Continuing the masonic diplomacy that the Secretariat of State has become infamous for, Cardinal Parolin, on behalf of the Pope, has sent another deistic letter of condolence to the Archbishop of Bamako. As with the "condolences " sent after the Paris Terror Attacks, Our Lord Jesus Christ - even on the weekend in which, in the new Rite, the Feast of Christ the King is celebrated - is NOT MENTIONED. Are they drunk on ecumenical fantasy, or are they freemasons? Or, is it a mixture of both? 

Yet we know, without him we can do nothing (John XV, 5). So, these Romans have actually done nothing - except blaspheme Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

His Excellency Archbishop Jean Zerbo

Archbishop of Bamako

Having learned of the tragic attack, which took place in Bamako, His Holiness Pope Francis unites himself in prayer to the pain of bereaved families and the sadness of all Malians. He recommends all the victims to the mercy of God, praying that the Almighty welcome them into His light. He expresses his deepest sympathy with the injured and their families, asking the Lord to bring them comfort and consolation in their ordeal. Appalled by this senseless violence, which the Pope strongly condemns, the Pope implores God for the conversion of hearts and the gift of peace, and invokes abundance of Divine blessings on all those affected by this tragedy.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin

Secretary of State of His Holiness

Saturday, 21 November 2015

The UN is promoting pedophilia and eubophilia: When will The Holy See denounce this ?

A deluded Archbishop Gallagher 

The United Nations continues its militant promotion of sodomy. This promotion is not denounced by the Holy See. One wonders why. A brief perusal of the literature produced by the UN shows that it also promotes homosexuality amongst minors, from the age of 10 and up. This is what is known as pedophilia, or for teenage boys, eubophilia. Let the literature speak for itself. 

We should not be surprised. Evil only begets more evil; feeds on itself. Lust is insatiable. Unnatural homosexual lust knows no bounds to perverted sex addiction, to indulgence in depraved sin. 

We must ask ourselves: when will the Catholic Church denounce this wicked, demonic "United Nations"? When will the Pope, the Secretary of State finally man-up and out this diabolical masonic, internationalist force for what it is? 

The Holy See and its masonic "solution" to Middle East terrorism excludes Jesus Christ

"Without me you can do nothing" 
(John xv, 5) 

A freemason sacrilegiously receiving Holy Communion

priests and masons in Brazil
The following text shows how far the Holy See has fallen away from Our Lord Jesus Christ, and His "Peace Plan". You will not find one mention of Our Lord, nor even mention of the Creator, of God. God does not exist in the masonic fantasy that permeates the godless United Nations. Let us be honest, the following text of Archbishop Auza is a disgrace, it could have been written by an atheist, an agnostic, a Freemason. We should ask ourselves: just how many freemasons are there in the Vatican? How many others think like a mason but do not wear the apron? Just how many malefactors populate the marble corridors of the Holy See? 

Contrast this agnostic, masonic speech to the words of the holy Pius XI:

...true peace, the peace of Christ, is impossible unless we are willing and ready to accept the fundamental principles of Christianity, unless we are willing to observe the teachings and obey the law of Christ, both in public and private life. If this were done, then society being placed at last on a sound foundation, the Church would be able, in the exercise of its divinely given ministry and by means of the teaching authority which results therefrom, to protect all the rights of God over men and nations.

Statement by H.E. Archbishop Bernardito Auza
New York
Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cardinal Daneels with a Freemason
Madam President,
My Delegation congratulates you on this month's Argentinian Presidency of the Security Council and commends your convening of this timely open debate on "The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question".

The Holy See has always followed the situation in the Middle East with great interest and concern. It has always pleaded for negotiations and dialogue among the parties involved. It has airways tried to do all it could to help the victims of violence.

Given the rapidly deteriorating situation in the region during these last months, Pope Francis has intensified his efforts to push for negotiations and call all parties to respect the international humanitarian law and fundamental human rights. During the first week of the current month, the Pope convoked in the Vatican the Apostolic Nuncios (Papal Ambassadors) in the Middle East countries, the Permanent Observers to international organizations and high-ranking officials in the Vatican to discuss the Middle East situation. Then, just yesterday, October 20, the Pope held a meeting with the Cardinals to discuss the same issue. Following these meetings, the Holy See reiterates its conviction that peace in the Middle East can only be sought through negotiated settlements and not through unilateral choices imposed with the use of force.

1. As regards the Israeli-Palestinian question, the Holy See reiterates its support for a twoState solution. Israeli and Palestine, with the vigorous support of the competent organs of the United Nations and of the whole international community, must work toward the final objective, which is the realization of the right of the Palestinians to have their own State, sovereign and independent, and of the right of the Israelis to peace and security. Pope Francis also reaffirmed this during his visit to the Middle East last May: "The time has come for everyone to find [...] the courage to forge a peace which rests on the acknowledgment by all of the right of two States to exist and to live in peace and security within internationally recognized borders."(1)

Cardinal Daneels - again 
2. As regards the horrific situation in Syria, the Holy See urgently calls on all parties to stop the massive violations of international humanitarian law and fundamental human rights, and on the international community to help the parties find a solution. There is no other way to alleviate and put an end to the untold sufferings of the entire nation, where half of its population needs humanitarian assistance and around a third has been displaced.

3. As regards Lebanon, the Holy See calls for international solidarity, at this time that the country is gravely affected by the Syrian crisis and by the massive presence of refugees, and exhorts Lebanon to find a solution as soon as possible to the vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic. The Holy See reaffirms its support for a sovereign and free Lebanon. Lebanon is a "message", a "sign" full of hope for the coexistence of the various groups that form it.

4. As regards the grave violations and abuses committed by the so-called "Islamic State" in Iraq and Syria, the competent organs of the United Nations must act to prevent possible new genocides and to assist the increasing number of refugees. The Holy See appeals in particular for the protection of the ethnic and religious groups, including the Christian communities, who are specifically targeted and victimized because of their ethnic origins and religious beliefs. The Holy See insists on the respect of the right of these communities and all the displaced persons to return to their homes and to live in dignity and safety.

5. The Holy See hopes that the United Nations take the escalating, ruthless phenomenon of international terrorism as an occasion to urgently re-enforce the international juridical framework of a multilateral application of the responsibility to protect people from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and all forms of unjust aggression. With lessons learned from our failure to stop recent horrors of genocide and presently confronted with blatant, massive violations of fundamental human rights and of international humanitarian law, the time is for courageous decisions.

6. Finally, the Holy See reiterates its call to all the religious leaders in the region and everywhere in the world to play a leading role in promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue, in promptly denouncing every use of religion to justify violence, and in educating all to reciprocal understanding and mutual respect.

Madam President, I wish to end by citing a passage from the words of Pope Francis during his meeting yesterday with the Cardinals: "This unfair situation [in the Middle East] requires, other than and in addition to our constant prayers, an adequate response by the international community."

Thank you, Madam President.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Is the Holy See Press Office guilty of the racism of "lower expectations" - as much of the western media is - when it comes to Islamic terrorism?

Most of us have heard about the Paris Terror Attacks; few have heard about the Lebanon Terror Attack or the Nigerian Terror Attack. Is this a manifestation of racism of lower expectations? It seems to me it is. Lives matter equally: wherever they may be. 

The brutal Boko Haram has killed over the past six years more people than ISIS. Based on CNN coverage, one would never know that. 

Shameful as this is: one wonders what excuse the Holy See Press Office, and various neo-modernist talking heads in the Vatican have for their silence. I am ready to offer a public apology, but to my knowledge, the Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin, has not sent a telegram of condolences (such as it is) to the Patriarch of Lebanon, or to the Primate of Nigeria. As to the Abu Sayyaf attacks in Catholic Philippines, forget it: you will not find anything from the Holy See denouncing  their brutal crimes. Racism of lower expectations indeed.