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Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity. Precisely because all the articles of faith are interconnected, to deny one of them, even of those that seem least important, is tantamount to distorting the whole" Lumen Fidei, Pope Francis/Pope Benedict XVI

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Susan Fox: An American Poet and her poem,"Corpus Christi"

I am delighted to once again present to our readers another beautiful poem, Corpus Christi, by our dear friend, Susan Fox. You may read the entire poem at her blog, Christ's Faithful Witness. 

“Lord, here are two swords,”
we cried, as youth will cry
in pity and in ignorance;
Peter draws his sword at the arrest of Jesus

But we divided,
you, weeping with intellectual fervor
for the very stones He tread upon;

And I
in smiling sorrow
dancing to my death
at a bright intersection...

1 comment:

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

I want to thank the Toronto Catholic Witness for your enthusiasm for my writing efforts. May God bless you. Not coincidentally today is the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, who wrote much of the liturgy for the feast of Corpus Christi. I personally had nothing to do with the timing of the publication date of the poem on the Eve of this great feast, and only realized what God had done when I went to Mass today. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness.com